This morning Tawnee loaded Athena into the trailer for her ride to the vet. She had been placed into adoption pending again, but refuses to trot when being ridden. Her potential adopter wanted to have it checked out, so she was off to the vet once again.

The vet did a more extensive evaluation. Her belief is that Athena may have fractured her hip bone at one time, making it uncomfortable with the weight of a rider to trot. The vet believes that she is fine at a walk, and maybe in the future once muscle builds up and with proper conditioning she may want to trot with a rider. At this time she is a walking horse only.

While Tawnee was at the vet Claire was busy showing horses to potential adopters. They found the mule a little too skittish for what they are looking for, so she still needs a home for someone with a lot of love, patience, time and understanding.

Tawnee and Athena made it back safely this evening. The vet had a lot of emergencies come in so Tawnee had to wait patiently for awhile at the vet’s before Athena could be examined, so they got back a lot later than they wanted too.

It was nice to have a quiet day at the rescued compared to the whirlwind of high energy action packed days we have had recently. It would be nice if there were more homes that had the love and resources that would be willing to open their hearts and homes to a rescued horse…

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