Thanks to your generosity the April auction fund is currently at $1,328. Please help spread the word that horses are counting on all of us to help them out this month!

Today Jason had to head off to get more hay. Another 80 bales, another $1,000. The horses sure seem to love the hay, they eat and eat and eat!

Angelito and William are the cutest little guys. Their adoption process is almost complete. Their new mom was approved today, and we are proceeding with the adoption. They will be boarded for a little while before heading down to be with their new forever home. We sure will miss them!

Kari came out this morning to help out however she could. The stalls needed to be cleaned, so she hopped right on it. Claire will be out of the office until the 13th. Tawnee is taking over the phones and Jason will try to get as many emails replied to as possible. But, it’s hard to write an email when you’re spending the 2 hours getting hay…

Kari and Tawnee gave Nook a bath, he definitely needed it! It was nice to have a warm enough day so that he didn’t get the least bit chilled.

Belina also got her makeover done today.

Suzy had the most extreme makeover, she had her first experience with clippers as the remainder of her shaggy winter coat was clipped off. She sure ended up looking quite pretty!

The attractions are being built for the fun-day on June 24th at Cal Skate! Here Jason is building a jail. If you’re wondering why, come on June 24th from 1-8 pm and you can find out what the jail is for.

After visitor hours, Wisp was loaded up to go to his new home. He was a good boy and hopped right in to the trailer. Belina was already in the trailer waiting to go to her new home. These two horses were heading off on the rest of their lives, although it was to different adopters.

Wisp seemed to enjoy meeting his new horse neighbour, the dark mare was rescued and they rehabbed her. She looks great! Wisp’s new family is so excited to have him home, he will have a great home and will be well loved.

Belina arrived at her new home as the sun was setting. The lady had recently lost her 32 year old horse, leaving its 26 year old companion lonely and bewildered. The lady has decided to add Belina to her family, and her horse couldn’t be happier.

Belina’s new mommy showed her around her new pen and they were all quite happy.

The vet that has been seeing Midge came out to see him once again today. The vet stated that Midge has lost weight since the last time she had seen him, and his feet were still very sore and he needs shoes. It is very important for horse owners to follow their vets advice when it comes to caring for their horses. We are really sad that Midge’s adoption did not work out, but it is a testament to our adoption screening process and the skill of our staff matching horses up with adopters that so few adoptions don’t work out. Midge is definitely brighter eyed and seems a lot more content these days being on rest, and having all the good food he can eat. In the end, we did not have to ask that Midge’s adopters return him, they chose of their own free will to return him to our care. All horses that we adopt out are welcome to come back into the rescue program at any time.

Tawnee finally got back to the rescue about 10:30 pm after delivering Wisp and Belina to their new homes. We are still waiting to go see the amazing horse property, thanks for all your encouraging words about it, it would certainly be amazing! Only time will tell…

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