We got an update on Adrian today. She is being fostered by Kim and Rico. They are doing an absolutely awesome job with her! Take a look at her now…

..and this was poor sad Adrian when she was first rescued. Skinny, sad, and so dejected looking. What a huge improvement!

We got an update on Precious Boy, now named Cali: “He is fitting in great and likes his new home. I have a picture that I’m sending in a separate mailing of Cali enjoying “breakfast in bed” last week, I thought you’d like it.”

Today was the update day and we also received an update on Jasmine: “She is allowing me to pick up her feet and she has had her feet trimmed. She is such a beautiful little girl and she is very playful. Her favorite game is chasing my mini horse around the pasture. I think that with more time and training she will be an excellent show horse. I’m hoping that by next year I will be able to start showing her at local schooling shows.”

At the rescue this morning Tawnee was taking one of the horses for a walk when Byron came driving in with his big dump truck full of sand.

The sand was for the round pen, after being used all winter the round pen really needed some new sand.

Byron was also bringing out a load of gravel so we set up some cones to mark where the gravel was to go.

The new holding pens need gravel under them, and it sure is a lot easier to put the gravel down before the pens are in place.

Tawnee caught a photo of Dottie and Macho Man smooching this morning. They’re sure cute and definitely enjoying their new pen.

We got a call to pick up a horse. She was left on a pasture during the fires last summer, it’s a long story but she needed a place to go. She just couldn’t stay on the pasture any longer. The road heading back into the woods is where Tawnee spent a large portion of her childhood…

…with her little pony.

The mare didn’t want to load, and she took a very long look at the trailer. Some “cowboys” had come previously and tried to load her into a trailer unsuccessfully. They then tried backing her into the trailer, a gate was broken, and they left without her, thankfully.

With Tawnee’s gentle persuasion she finally got into the trailer.

Back at the rescue an elderly, very skinny horse was brought early for the Euthanasia clinic. His owners told us over the phone that he couldn’t‘ wait until the 15th, and sure enough, he can’t wait.

They said he colicked recently and ever since he has been losing weight like a rock.

He has sores all over his body. Our first thought was to take him to the vet immediately.

We brought him some equine senior and he seemed to settle in. We are planning on taking him to the vet tomorrow after he has a peaceful night. It is sad that he is in such bad condition. If you see your horse deteriorating, please have your vet do a quality of life assessment!

Tawnee arrived back with the mare. She was quite excited to see other horses.

We got her settled into a nice stall with great food and clean water and soon she began to relax.

Our round pen got it spring makeover today. As like many of us through the winter months, we change shapes, and that had happened to our round pen. Today we made it round again and took out all the little extra corners.

went to work spreading the sand.

After the sand was spread Tawnee harrowed it with the 4-wheeler.

Then it was off to work on the new holding pen area. The gravel got smoothed out…

…then the panels were put up. At least some of them were put up.

They got quite a few put up, and by then it was drawing on towards evening time.

About this time Jamie came out to help in the office. We are definitely missing Claire and it was so great to have Jamie lend a helping hand.

And of course Tawnee had to take the evening sunset picture. It rained just enough to drag Jason out again to cover the hay. At which point it quit raining.

Shortly before 9:30 PM Jamie headed off home. Thanks for volunteering late into the night!

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  1. So many woderful things going on at Norcal Equine and so may horse updates I really love to see pics and stories about past horses that have good outcomes on new forever homes.

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