Look at that gorgeous horse. This horse, Shya, now named Latte, was seized in a large animal control seizure and then we adopted her into a great home. We received this update and some photo’s: “Here are some pictures of Latte taken today at the dunes. This was the first time that we had turned her loose to explore. As you can see she has gained a lot of weight and is looking good.” She sure does look good!

This April Auction Rescue fund is currently at $1428. The next scheduled auction rescue is coming right up, we certainly hope the funds are there to save horses lives. We would like to thank each and every one of you that donates the gift of being rescued.

Like mother, like daughter. Jaime was out helping with the morning feeding, and tagging along was her to help feed was her little girl. We cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have hard working knowledgeable volunteers to help lighten the load of our staff. It is truly a blessing.

Larry and April came out and Larry got right to work painting trim boards for the tack room.

April and volunteer Danielle got to work sorting excess tack for an upcoming tack auction. The extra funds will certainly be useful in helping horses in need.

Meanwhile, Jaime was attacking the office. She could see that Tawnee did not start rescuing horses just to keep up with an office, and that it needed help. So she got right to work on it and soon it was sparkling.

Deb also came out this morning and started hanging out with the horses. It was really nice not to have a windy, rainy Sunday. The horses could actually be worked with in safety without the howling wind. Deb also showed horses to potential adopters.

Meanwhile Jason and Larry (not pictured) were moving panels, working away quite diligently.

Volunteer Danielle got to work putting the ID tags together. She was very helpful and did what she could do to help.

Ok, for you ladies, there are some fine handbags that were donated to be used at the silent auction at the skating party June 24th. They are name brand bags, not names that Jason and Tawnee recognise, but certainly worth a look! Thank you so much for you generosity Donna, who adopted Sweetness. We hope that others will apprecaite your generousity and will bid the bags high!

Donna placed Red on hold, and the other reason for their visit was to come see him. She is in love with him, but as he has some lameness they are planning a vet exam for him to get some x-rays done.

Danielle needed to get 6 hours of volunteering in for school, and here she has proof that she got it done! We certainly hope we don’t lose you as a volunteer just because you did your time. (No, she did not commit a crime, she has been awarded a scholastic scholarship, and part of the deal is she needed to do some volunteering.)

Jason’s project continued growing and growing, literally. These are holding pens for horses when they first come in from being rescued. Previously we had to put them into the round pen, but no more. There are separate holding pens, alleys, gates, and it all leads into the two mare motels.

Tawnee lent a helping hand when she could to the panel project.

Deb continued working and evaluating the horses. Buddy is a really sweet boy. Buddy is currently in adoption pending, but we have a lot of other horses that really need a home!

Visitors continued to come through the rescue as the day wore on. It’s certainly nice to see potential adopters coming to see if there is a perfect match for them.

As the sun beat down, Jason’s project continued along unabated. Carrying panels, fastening them together, it was quite a project.

From time to time Tawnee would slip away from her many other duties and lend a helping hand on the particularly heavy panels.

Here is the mare motel waiting for its roof.

Tawnee spent a lot of time working with Button. First she had to be separated from her mommy. Then she had to learn that people were not out to hurt her. Finally she settled down enough to get a halter on for her first leading lesson.

Button did great for her first experience of being handled by people. At first she was terrorized, and then she learned that we were not going to hurt her and she relaxed. Jamie named her button because, quite frankly, she is as cute as a button.

Jamie brought her fancy digital SLR today and together with Amber she took a lot of pictures of the horses.

After taking the photo’s she uploaded them to Petfinder.

As evening came on Tawnee let Angelito and William out to explore the new maze of the panels. They had a lot of fun exploring this way and that. They were very curious about the new holding pens. Unfortunately they have started getting into mischief so they are no longer allowed to roam around.

As the sun began to set the horses were munching, drinking, and enjoying the cool evening air. Another busy day at the rescue has come to an end.

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  1. What brands are those purses in the pic? I am thinking about which one to bid on in the auction.

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