Thanks to several generous donations coming in, the auction rescue fund is currently at $1,683. This only leaves $3,317 left to go. The horses that will be so thoughtlessly dumped at livestock auctions this month are counting on all of us to do what we can.

The first phone call of the day was a very excited adopter. “Freckles had her baby!” the excited voice on the other end exclaimed. She had adopted Freckles from us knowing she was pregnant. Last night was the night that a cute little horse entered the world. We are so happy for them and would like to thank Agent X for attending the Orland auction and rescuing Freckles.

The two horses that came in yesterday were moved out of their temporary holding pen into their separate stalls this morning. They had spent the night together with food and water so they could get comfortable to the surroundings before being separated. The new holding pen area worked flawlessly, all the gates in the right places, all the runs just perfect.

Twiggy, sensing the impending bad weather, came to the rescue to fill up on grain that horses had dropped and other tidbits of good food. It sure is nice having a little guy picking up bits and pieces of grain that would otherwise go to waste. He certainly brightens our day as we see him happily walking and flying around the rescue. We are so glad he decided to make this his home base.

Some visitors stopped by that wanted to help out, so they helped finish the stall cleaning. They also wanted to visit the other horses, they seemed to enjoy romping around visiting each one. After they left Tawnee got a phone call from them. It turns out that one of the horses here at the rescue, Hope, used to belong to them. They took a picture of her here at the rescue, verified it with the pictures they had at home, and sure enough, everything matched up. They were sad and shocked to see their old horse here. Unfortunately this is not the first time people have found their previously owned horse at the rescue. So many times people believe they have found a forever home for their horse, but in the end they find it at NorCal Equine Rescue instead of the loving home they placed it in.
Ann Marie came out today. We haven’t seen her in quite some time. She was hiding out during the winter months, but now that spring is here she is planning on starting up volunteering again. We really missed her smiling face and cheerful attitude and are glad that once the days warm up she’s planning on coming back.

Ann Marie is looking for a horse for her daughter to call her own. Gina met a few different horses today that Tawnee thought might be a good match. Here she is visiting Glory.

Tawnee also showed Rambo to Gina and Ann Marie. But, Rambo has a little too much spunk for them. They will certainly keep visiting the rescue to find the perfect horse to add to their family.

About this time the rain began to consider getting everything wet so Jason dropped what he was doing and covered the hay. It sure will be nice when the barn plan engineering gets finished, the county is satisfied, and we can raise the hay barn up and never have to tarp again.

Meanwhile Tawnee was still showing horses and the rain began to fall earnestly. Tawnee’s mind kept drifting to the covered indoor arena at the property we are looking at. Rain, shine or wind, it wouldn’t matter out there.

Honey, our pregnant girl, is still holding out. She can’t go much longer. Any day now, there will be a new little life at the rescue. We would like to thank a visitor that came out on Sunday for sending her husband out with some special stuff just for Honey.

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  1. The baby is beautiful!! I hope the newest addition enters the world soon. He/She is very lucky that they are being born at such an amazing facility!! I keep wanting to drive down from Seattle to see in in action!

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