The auction fund only needs $667 to reach the top. Some more donations came in after the following picture was updated. We know that it is very possible to reach our goal, please give what you can to save lives. If an excess is donated this month we will either transfer it to the May auction fund or we may attend more than 1 auction this month.

We were pleased and excited when we received a big box in the mail box today. Inside the box was several sets of panel holders for the side of a horse trailer. Here Jason is making sure it looks good. One of our blog reader’s husband makes these, and after reading about us drooling over Placer County Animal Control’s trailer, she offered to send some our way. We can’t thank you enough! No more tying, jimmy rigging and repeatedly readjusting the panels on the sides of the trailers.

Today was yet another vet day. Napoleon had an appointment with a veterinarian that specializes in vision. Napoleon is suffering from some blindness and we wanted to learn what we could do to help him. So, an appointment was set up some time ago as the specialist only comes to town twice a month or so.
The first thing Tawnee did when she got to the vet was to visit the preemie boy. Tawnee found him sleeping peacefully and looking a lot healthier today. He is not so boney and bedraggled now. He is still very little and extremely thin, but things are looking up for him.

Napoleon was sedated and brought inside for his thorough eye examination.

The eye specialist got out fancy tools and went to work. His eyes were closely examined and tested with all kinds of instruments.

His eyes were also given an ultrasound. The examination showed that he has some old cataracts in both eyes. He still has vision in both eyes, but his vision is definitely impaired. The specialist informed us that Napoleon is not in pain, and he believes that his condition will not worsen. Tawnee asked him what he would do if Napoleon was his horse, and he explained that he would just leave him be. We are glad to hear that Napoleon’s eye condition is not causing him pain. The specialist recommends a yearly checkup to ensure his condition remains the same.

Then, as soon as Napoleon’s examination was done, Tawnee was back out with Honey and her baby. The vet reports “Honey is in love with her baby. The foal is doing very well, there are two heat lamps in his stall. He has had his second day of antibiotics and the IGG will be ready in the morning. Temparature is normal, and he has been eating well throughout the night and day.” We are so thrilled he is doing so well. He is still extremely fragile, but everything is looking good. His stall is deeply bedded with clean shavings so when he lays down there will not be any pressure points on his tender skin.

Tawnee took a video of him as well, click here to play it or click the video below. He sure is a precious little guy.


Tawnee and Napoleon got back to the wet rescue. We are really enjoying the rain, even though it makes outside chores take longer.

We really need a cute name for the little guy, help us out! Please submit your name idea in the comment section of the blog or through email: info@savethehorse.com. We will put the top 5 names up for voting over the weekend. The voting will be the same way we did with Twiggy.

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