Sorry folks, no rescue story today. Friday is supposed to be a day off, but, it sure didn’t happen today.

This is a weekend of celebration! Thanks to your generosity, the auction fundraiser has been finished! It was topped off with a $1,000 donation from Jennifer which made the thermometer fill up with the green stuff and overflow. We cannot thank each of you, and Jennifer G, for your generous support in saving lives. The April Euthanasia clinic, which the clinic is Wed the 15th, still needs $1,422. There are already horses signed up that are counting on this gift. Please help us give them the last gift of love. Click here.

Today found Jason and Tawnee on the road. It wasn’t raining at the rescue, but as they headed up to the mountains the clouds got darker and heavier looking.

Soon they were on a little gravel road, heading through the hillsides. The road seemed to go on forever. The truck had to be put in 4wd, and it was pouring rain.

At the destination a cute little pony gelding was waiting for us. He is being surrendered to the rescue as his owner could no longer keep him. They had fed the last of their hay this morning, so it was imperative that we pick him up today.

Tawnee led him to the waiting trailer.

The pour little guy was a bit confused but he was glad to be in a nice dry place.

On the way back to the rescue they stopped by to see how the preemie baby was doing. He is doing great! He is gaining weight and is pretty feisty now, even bucking and kicking.

The baby got his medications while being held by a vet tech.

He was a good boy and didn’t‘ seem to mind his shots too much.

He is just oh so cute!

And now, it’s your turn. Thank you everyone for sending in the name idea’s, we originally wanted to have 5 choices, but there were so many good ones, we could only limit it down to 6. Please click here to visit the poll and pick your favorite name!

They got back to the rescue, where it was sunny and dry, and unloaded the cute pony. His name is JT.

JT was introduced to Macho Man, Dottie and their pet goats through the fence…

Then it was time to get acquainted face to face. He was put in the new little critter pen. It is so nice to have a pen that keeps little critters safe.

The little guy is absolutely delighted with his new living conditions and pranced around with delight.

Have a great weekend!

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