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Sally and a barefoot trimmer intern came out today to give Tawnee a break from trimming the horses. There were plenty of horses that needed to be trimmed today that were rescued at the auction yesterday. First of all they gave Napoleon a masterful makeover on his feet.

Once Napoleon was done it was on to the new auction horses. The Post Auction Assesment team was unable to come out today, so Sally stepped in to fill the void and help out with the new horses. A nip here, a rasp there, Sally and the intern were making headway in getting them all trimmed up. This Paint gelding was such a good boy, he held perfectly still for quite awhile.

The folks that came out a few days ago thought one of the horses looked exactly like one they had owned 4 years ago and sold to a man who they thought would give her a forever home. They were shocked when they were visiting the rescued horses and they saw her. The horse belonged to the ladies mother, and today they came out with pictures to possibly make a positive identification. Sure enough, it really was her. It was wonderful to see this happy reunion. Their application is being processed and they hope to soon take her home and keep her forever.

And more trimming was done on through the heat of the day. Tawnee was busy taking photo’s today, but in between she got some great pointers on trimming. Tawnee has been given a lot of great advice over the years from Sally and trims the rescues horses regularly, but it’s always nice to have a refresher course and some help.

About this time Jason was off, afraid he was running late.

Off to where? To visit Prince and get him ready for a special occasion today. Jason found Prince laying in a warm sunny field, having his first ever sunbath. He was only given about an hours worth of sun. Premature foals have a hard time maintaining their body heat, so he couldn’t stay out there too long, but he sure did seem to enjoy it. He is gaining weight rapidly and is quite the frisky little guy. When we first took him out to the vet he was a bag of bones, but he is looking great now. He has gone from 30 lbs to over 48 lbs in just 5 days!
Honey just loves her little boy so much. She is always standing over him making sure he is doing ok.

Prince had to be woken up so he could get ready for the special occasion. What was the special occasion?

Channel 12 news from Chico came out to the vet hospital to do a news story on the cute little guy. Jason was interviewed about what was going.

And then Dr Weaver, Prince’s primary care veterinarian, was interviewed.

They have a text article up on their website, and the video should be up by tomorrow’s blog we are hoping. Click here to read it.

Back at the rescue Sally and the intern were still feverishly working away on the horses hooves. They got a lot done and saved Tawnee a bunch of work! Sally even sharped Tawnee’s hoof nippers for her. The intern did a great job too and was really great with the horses.

Finally around 4:00, 6 hours after they arrived, they were wrapping up for the day. We cannot thank them enough for getting so much work done and the generous donation of time they made to the rescue. It really helps out the horses!

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