Thanks to your generous donations, and a special thanks to Jennifer G’s donation of $500, the April euthanasia clinic only needs $586 to be finished! Yes, the thermometer shows only $1,889 donated, but Jean donated $25 after the picture was captured. We are hoping that the funds will be donated by tomorrow for the clinic. The clinic is tomorrow (Wednesday,) so we definitely need the funds by Wednesday so we can pay the bill. These clinics are so merciful, so many of the horses that come literally do not have a good leg to stand on, and they deserve the last gift of love. Please help how you can, click here.

This morning Angelito and William were taken to the vet today to have their “brain surgery” gelding operation done. The plan is for them to go to their new home soon, but, first things first.

Darby, the Paso mare, and the Thoroughbred (Darato) that were rescued at Sunday’s auction rescue, were taken to the vet today as well. We had some concerns about both of them and wanted to get them checked out.

Not even a mile from the rescue Tawnee came upon an accident that had just occurred. People drive very fast out here on the gravel roads, and it seems there are more accidents on this road than any other road around.

Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. One car came around the corner too fast, and this car lost control avoiding them, went up the bank and rolled. The people were trying to contact 911, but of course there was no cell service right there. Tawnee knew there was cell service just around the corner, and soon help was on the way. Just a reminder, drive carefully if you are coming to visit the rescue, you never know who will come around the corners at what speeds.

When Tawnee got to the vet she wanted to pop in and see Prince first thing. He is getting even cuter, if possible. He is growing very quickly and soon he will be a normal birth weight.

Channel 12 has a video up and they did a great job. Click here to watch the news story.

William and Angelito were unloaded and put into a stall to await their surgery. We took them to the vet a little early so they could have a day or two to settle in.

The vet who normally does our examinations was out today. The horses got settled in to await their examinations. Nothing wrong with an overnight at the vet
Before Tawnee left the vet office she had to take another peak at Prince. His color is definitely darkening up and changing a bit. He was pure white, almost albino looking, when he was born. We are just so thrilled and excited to see this little guy doing so well.

We had 192 bales of hay delivered today, good quality yummy hay for the horses. All told it was a touch over $2,000 for the load. Any donations towards hay would be greatly appreciated!

Troy drove right in.

Tipped up his machine and the hay was unloaded. The horses were all staring at the hay as it came it, they love it when new food is delivered!

WalMart called us to let us know they had another cart of feed to donate. We always appreciate their feed donations. Tawnee was on the way back from the vet, so she went to WalMart on the way. She had fun maneuvering the big trailer around the crowded parking lot.

In addition to the feed they also donated a couple lead ropes and halters.

After the afternoon feeding the hay stack didn’t look quite so high. It sure is nice to have a supply of hay on hand that will last a couple weeks. It was cheaper to have it delivered than to go pick it up this time, oddly enough. We always do our best to find the cheapest good quality hay.

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  1. Wow, that’s spooky! It looks like my jeep! I had some guy come flying past me the other day on the way up too. Crazy people! Gotta watch those corners! Glad to see Prince is doing well and so is Honey. Did we find out if she’d got another bun in her oven as well?

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