The 6th monthly euthanasia clinic was held today to give the horses that really needed it the last gift of kindness. It is always an extremely hard day on all of us and the horses owners. Our staff arrived at the vet at about 10:00, waiting for the horses to come.

People brought horses throughout the day. Many tears of sadness were shed as the last tearful goodbyes were said.

Tawnee had taken Darby out to the vet yesterday, and today she got a thorough examination. We have someone lined up to adopt her, she just wanted to know how many medical problems to expect. She will give Darby a wonderful home! Darby is going to be needing a lot of tlc and food.

X-rays were taken of Darby to complete her examination.

William and Angelito were next up after Darby was examined. Poor little guys didn’t have a clue what was in store for them.

They had to be removed from their stall and taken into the operating room. They were a little confused and definitely wondered why they were there.

While Angelito was being gelded William stood there with a very concerned look on his face. Was the doctor going to take sharp instruments to him too?

But, soon, William was in a drug induced la la land and before he knew it, everything was done.

And then, they were back in their stalls no worse for wear, and no baby donkey’s in their future.

We were really concerned about Darato when we rescued him from the auction on Sunday. He had a bad limp and he seemed to be in a lot of pain. We were hoping to rehab him and give him a new lease on life, but after his examination we knew that was not to be. He had received an injury, very likely from racing, and it was causing him a lot of pain, and if we left him to be, the arthritis would make him the most miserable horse around. The hard decision was made, but we are thankful that he knew love and kindness for his last few days and wasn’t on a truck heading out of the country…

We see so many things at the euthanasia clinic. One of the mares that came in today had melanoma throughout her entire body. Even her mouth was so riddled with it that she could hardly eat. And then there was this horse, his hock was so calcified it was a huge mass.

He had to drag his hind leg around when he walked. His owner tried everything to save him, spent over $10,000 and did multiple surgeries, but alas, nothing could be done and he was in constant pain. It was a very tearful goodbye, but his owner knew it was the best thing.

This is another view of the horses hock.

This horse’s tendon was completely ruined and she had no control over her hoof, and could not walk on her hoof properly. The owner spent a lot of money at the vet trying to help her, but once again, nothing could be done to save her in their situation and she was not getting better. This poor horse, every time she walked, her hoof would hang loosely and she had no support on that leg.

On the positive side of the day, Honey and Prince are doing great! Prince is getting bigger, stronger, and is doing very well. He’s getting bigger so fast, but he is still oh so tiny.

Dr Weaver was spending a little time with him, and he wrapped his head and neck around her shoulder, as if to hug her and say “Thank you for saving my life.”

After that, it was time for a snooze. Baby’s sleep a lot, and premature babies sleep even more.

Thank you all for your support and allowing us to hold these euthanasia clinics, that are truly the last gift of love for so many horses.

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  1. Thank you for helping horses in so many different ways. The Euthanasia clinics are not the pretty side of rescue that some people want to hear about but your work is very appreciated by those of us who understand that true kindnessis the motivation for them and from the pictures it is clear they are very much a needed cause.

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