Glory was adopted today! We are so excited that she has her forever home. It is always a good day when horses find their homes. We always have horses that need a home, so if you know of anyone that wants to add a horse friend to their home, send them our way!

Deb came out today to help out and evaluated some horses. We can’t thank her enough for all of her wonderful help and her continued dedication.

Once done with the evaluation the horses seemed to love to roll in the nice new sand. We always have fun watching them roll with glee, not a care in the world.

Deb also evaluated the big black horse that was rescued from the auction last Sunday. He did great but was a little rusty.

He is so big and round Deb says it is like sitting on a couch up there. We are so glad he is not heading out of state.

When this guy decided to roll after his evaluation, he got stuck on his big flat black back and wiggled around trying to get back up. Soon though he was up on all fours again and he walked off with a pout on his face.

Jason got some much needed work done with the tractor, we are thinking the winter rains may be over. So, the area’s that were muddy and rutted got flattened and smooth today.

We also moved some panels around today to get the pens situated better.

Inspector Twiggy strutted around the rescue making sure it was all in tip top shape. His only demand after the inspection was that our grain buckets hold in the grain too well, and we either need to fill up the buckets higher so some spills out, we need to put some holes in the side, or we need to make sure the feedroom door is left open. He says it’s just not fair, he has to actually look for some food to eat. We sure enjoy having this little guy at the rescue, it really brightens up our day when we see him walking around, we just wish we knew where he came from.

Clair is still home sick so in addition to all his other chores Jason wrote almost 30 emails today. There are still over 100 to catch up on, so be patient, it will get replied to!

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