4-17-09 – Weekend

Today’s rescue story took place in 2005 near Taylorsville, CA. We had been alerted to some horses living in terrible conditions. NER staff headed out with the camera to go check out what had been reported. Sure enough, the pictures speak for themselves. NER was told that the horses would get out on the main road all the time, and when they arrived it was evident why.

The horses were living in an old cattle holding area, which was falling down around them. It was unbelievable that the horses would actually stay in the pen most of the time, they could literally just walk out.

There were nails everywhere, pointing out ready to grab flesh as the horses squeezed past. There were boards laying in the pens with nails pointing up ready to puncture a hoof, the horses living condition was just terrible.

There was a pregnant mare that was living there. She was a beautiful white arab.

It was sad to think that if nothing was done, her baby would be born and grow up in these terrible conditions.

NER staff took the photo’s and evidence directly to the District Attorney, and soon they were on the way to seize the horses. By this time it was pouring rain, making the rescue all that much more miserable. After slogging through the 6″ of mud for hours, NER staff managed to get the horses into a smaller area and then into the trailer.

It was a warm storm, and the rain was melting snow in the high country. The rescue used to be down a little dirt road, across a river. You would have to drive through the river to get to the rescue. That day with the heavy rains it was flooding.

After checking the water depth they drove the horses safely across the river.

Soon the horses were settled in enjoying a nice meal.

It was nice to see the horses in safe fencing.

Both the horses were adopted into very loving homes. The pregnant mare surprised her adopter with a cute little baby mule.

The adopter came to us a year later or so and asked if we could find the mule a home. The adopter did not have the time needed to properly train the mule and felt she was not the perfect home for this precious girl.

We found her a great home and two years has passed. We got an update on her the other day, and she is doing great. She is living in a nice, safe clean pen.

Today – We have been working with media producers recently, who are in the process of making a documentary about horses. We recalled seeing a great documentary about the Mustang’s, and shared it with the producers. We think you may enjoy it too, it really shows what goes on with Mustangs that are unfortunate enough to end up in the slaughter pipeline. It is called “Last of the Spanish Mustangs.” We think you may really enjoy it, it is on Netflix Instant view if you have an extra hour. The host really does a good job keeping your attention.

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