You may remember this little girl, Adrian, from the Lucky 7 group. If you want to read the Lucky 7 rescue story, click here. She came to us in October, and today she was placed in adoption pending.

We are so excited for her, she looks like an entirely different horse! We want to give the credit for her rehab to her foster mom, Kim. She has done a spectacular job of rehabilitating her and giving her the love she deserves. It’s hard to believe that the magnificent horse, below, was just waiting to come out of the skinny, scrawny unloved and uncared for horse, above.

First thing this morning, while morning chores were being done, Sally came out with Daniell, an intern, for an all day trimming lesson. They got right to work.

It’s always neat when the interns can come out to the rescue and work under the guidance of Sally. It really helps out the rescued horses, and since it is all donated time, it really helps out the budget too. It’s a great place for interns to get hands on experience on uncared for hooves, not what you should see on a normal trimming route. Since we’re always rescuing new horses, there is always new and uncared for hooves to trim into shape.

Deb showed horses to potential adopters today as well. Some of the visitors drove over 500 miles to visit the horses today. They fell in love with Penny and placed her in adoption hold.

Another visitor brought out a bunch of grain and beet pulp for the rescue . Thank you so much Aurora! We always appreciate when visitors bring feed for the horses, it sure is something we use a lot of around here.

Talking about feed, it was now lunchtime and a bunch of folks were hanging out around the picnic table enjoying a nice lunch.

Back in the barn, the new auction horses were getting their initial worming. Yeck, it sure tastes bad! Ceasar, shown below, thought it was particularly disgusting and he just couldn’t get that yucky taste out of his mouth fast enough. Click here for Ceasar’s information.

Sally and the student got back to work trimming hooves.

Aurora helped Jaime get some great pictures of the new horses.

Jason and Tawnee worked all day moving things here there and everywhere in between helping everyone else get everything done. Here they are moving roofing for the mare motel. And yes, they do have a color coded clothing uniform look about them these days. It makes it easier for visitors to determine who is staff and who is not. Hopefully soon the regular volunteers can match the uniform look.

Jason got a break from back breaking work and held the horse for Sally and Daniell for awhile. Sally and Daniell got a lot of horses trimmed today, we cannot thank them enough!

And then it was Deb’s turn to help take pictures with Jaime. This is Passion, click here for her information.

When everything settled down and the visitors had headed home it was play time in the round pen. Pike and Jack really enjoyed themselves. Pike set the record for the most rolls. They really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Then it was the youngsters turn. They had a lot fun racing around the soft sandy area, playing and kicking up their heels in joy.

Jason took a neat picture of Prelude’s eye. There’s just something about looking into a horses eye that leaves an amazing feeling. Each horse has a story to tell, you can see pain, fear, joy and happiness, all by looking deep into their eyes. It is one of the most wonderful things to see a horses eyes go from fear and confusion to love and understanding. Click here to see the rest of Prelude. You won’t be disappointed

We got a cell phone picture update of Prince at the vet office. He is doing great! In the daytime he gets to spend some time outside playing in the open air. His play pen is filled with soft shavings so he can lay down without damaging his fragile body. He is an amazing little guy.

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