While Jason was at the vet he had to visit Prince. He is getting so big, is doing very well and is oh so adorable.
It’s amazing, when he was born he was so boney and so thin. He was so little he could walk under his mommy with no problem. Now, it just doesn’t happen anymore.

Jason was at the vet to pick up Angelito and William, who were gelded, and Darby. They were all ready to come back to the rescue.

At the rescue Angelito and William were put in their pen. They seemed no worse for wear after their “brain surgery” and settled right in. Darby was unloaded too, but not for long as she was heading to her new home.

Meanwhile, Duke was getting some very special treatment that has never been done before at the rescue. We have heard about it, but until now, it hasn’t happened. Duke was the lucky boy that got his front feet were casted.

Sally had met Duke and he figured out a way to wiggle into her heart. Sally had decided that for comfort he needed to have his front feet cast, so today she came out, volunteered her time and material, and got him really comfortable.

Soon she had his hoof cast. It was the same type of material as an arm cast, only it was wrapped around his hoof. Once it hardened she rasped it and soon it had the perfect finish.

Once both his front hooves were cast Sally was the first one to sign it. She signed “Hooves by Huggs” and then Tawnee promptly signed her name on it.

Duke was turned out into the round pen and he sure does love moving freely and without pain. He will be wearing them for 4 weeks, until his hoof walls can grow out and give him better support. Then, they will be removed and his feet will be re-examined.
While Sally was finishing up with Duke, Jason loaded Darby and headed off to take Darby to her new home. Darby is a very lucky girl to have such a great home. We know that her adopter will give her a forever home and all the tlc and medication she needs to stay comfortable. Thanks so much!

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