Today we worked on spring cleaning the rescue. There are a lot of things that had to be done, one of which was re-staining the picnic table and swing. Tawnee and Claire scrubbed the picnic table clean so it would be ready for a fresh coat of stain.

Remember the twine ball? Well, it’s been awhile since we talked about it. Unfortunately everyone involved lost interest in it, such a shame because it was getting quite big. Claire said a final goodbye and tossed it into the trash can.

It’s also the time of year when the flies start flying and fly traps need to be hung up. We purchased quite a few fly traps after last years fly season when they were cheap, but we can always use some more, if you have an extra, we would love to have them.
By this time the picnic table was dried and ready for its new layer of stain. Claire did a good job and got it looking pretty.

There was some trim that needed to be put on the tack room, here Jason is pounding the final nail in one of the trim boards that was painted by volunteer Larry. There’s still a lot more to put on, unfortunately it didn’t all get on today.

The coats of stain were still going on the picnic table. In the end the picnic table and swing came out looking really nice and ready for a new idea: names! We are going to be working on a fundraising plan were people who donate above a certain amount get a space on the swing or picnic table for their name to be burned into the wood. Stay tuned as that idea becomes reality.

The equine scale needed to be moved and relocated, but for now it was just moved out of the way. It has been set up by the round pen, but needs to be by the quarantine area. It was sure nice having the tractor there to move it, last time it was moved it was all man power, it was really nice to see the tractor do the work instead.

Some visitors came out today to see JT who they have placed on hold. They really loved him and he did his best to impress them by showing them how well he can play in the round pen. He rolled, he pranced, he galloped around with glee. We think his impressing did some good, they were all smiles while they left.

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  1. I just read this blog and was so excited when I saw the string ball.I work at a school and we have started a string ball from the string that I bring in to class from my horses. We read a one page story about a farmer that made the biggest string ball and one of the kids wanted totry itso we have. I wish I knew about yours sooner I would have loved taking it in to the kids. Thank you Debbie Wood

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