This is a special previously scheduled post.
If you are reading this, it is because Jason and Tawnee have not had an opportunity to access the Internet and update you on what is happening. Their presence was requested by a national animal welfare organization to assist in an equine rescue of hundreds of horses that desperately needed help thousands of miles from our rescue operation in California. Jason and Tawnee have flown to the site where experienced rescuers are needed.
The horses at NorCal are cared for by on site volunteers.
Jason and Tawnee will post on the blog as they can, but expect absolutely amazing updates, stories and adventures. Please check back soon.
Click Here for pictures of the horses.

0 thoughts on “4-22-09”

  1. I wonder if they are off to help the thoroughbreds from NY?? I was the story on MSNBC online. Some big wig racing industry mogul who claimed the horrific care of 177 horses was due to “poor management”.

  2. I’m so glad that they went to Nebraska! The poor things! I heard that there were 37 stallions. I’m really glad that they went to help. Those horses are in good hands now!

  3. my guess is they are at 3 Strikes ranch in Nebraska- helping to evaluate the horror story there. Supposedly a refuge for unadopted mustangs, they found hundreds dead and dying. They are in dire need of help.
    The Paraneck (NY) horses are all with animal control or various rescues. Another horror story, but sickenly and unbelievably- NOT as bad as Nebraska.

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