Yesterday morning we flew into Denver, Co and drove 250 miles to Nebraska. We did what we could yesterday, but today was the major rescue day. This morning we got up bright and early, and got to work. There were people assisting from Florida, Washington, California, it really was a national effort that came together to get things done.

The stock trailers were pulling up, ready to load horses and take them to safety. We were flown to Nebraska to assist in loading the horses into the trailers.

Unfortunately most of the media we took at the rescue cannot be shown as it is a criminal investigation. However, NER staff loaded and assisted in loading about 150 horses today. These were emaciated, wormy, no hoof care, untrained mustangs of every color and temperament. There were the calm ones that hopped right into the trailer. There were the wild ones that tried to climb over the panels, and every mix in between. There skills and training were certainly put to the test today, but in the end they, along with many other wonderful people, got the job done.

Since one of NorCal’s staff is camera shy, he/she took the picture of the rest of them. The smiling lady on the left is Cathy, from Fugly Horse of the Day blog. She drove/flew here to Nebraska to assist with the rescue. It’s been great to meet her and put a face to the blog. As you can tell, the big skies of Nebraska really let the sun shine on us today, despite the threatened thunder storms.

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  1. SO glad you guys are there! Yay Norcal and Fugly, you guys do amazing things for horses.
    I wish I lived close so I could come and help too.
    Drat being up in Canada.
    Im sure those horses will not only get physical care, but also lots of love from you.

    Ps. I was absolutely heart broken when I heard Rusty died. I saw the first picture of his poor muddy little self and just wished I could spend a day brushing it all off.
    If I ever make it to California, I am definitely stopping by and brushing ponies!

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