While the chores were being done this morning Jamie came out to get a few things ready for tabling she was going to be doing at the Paradise Horseman’s Association event. She really did a great job pulling it off. She made wonderful banners, posters, and other things needed for the event. She was supposed to have help but we all deserted her when we went to Nebraska to help the 3-Strikes ranch horses.

As Jamie was heading out the first trailer arrived.

Penny was the first horse to be adopted today. Their application passed with flying colors, and after adoption papers were signed for Penny, they wanted to spend some time with Quantal.

Penny had won their heart strings over in a flash, but Quantal was tugging away, hoping to find a forever home. The tugging paid off, after they spent quite some time with him they chose to adopt him as well today. Thanks for giving them such a wonderful home.

We had to say “Goodbye” to cute Angelito and William today. They had snuggled their way into each of our hearts, and it was very hard to let them go. Their new mom and dad love them greatly, and we are sure they will have a great home.

Tawnee hung out in the trailer with them for a bit for a last hug and kiss goodbye. We are so happy that they will get to spend the rest of their lives together.

It was a very busy day at the rescue. There were a lot of adoption applications that had been processed, and today a lot of those people came up to adopt their beloved new members of their family.

Beau was adopted today. He is such a beautiful boy. His adopter was just tickled pink with him. She is very excited to be taking him home and give him the love and attention he so deserves.

Tawnee is always apprehensive when a 2 horse straight load pulls up to load a horse. But, Beau was a very good boy and walked right in and waited for the gate to be shut. The day reminded Tawnee in a way of the recent Nebraska trip, loading horse after horse into trailers, but today it was a wonderful thing, because these horses were going home.

Beau’s adopters headed off on an adventure with their new family member, and promptly got stuck on our hill.

A quick tug and they were on their way. We’ve done a lot of tractor work on the hill, but apparently it still needs a lot more. It sure makes us dream of the other facility next to a flat paved road.

With all the hurrying and scurrying of loading horses, towing trucks, etc, one of the adopters sat patiently by, waiting her turn. She said she didn’t realize how good she had it when she came on a weekday and had a lot of one-on-one time. But, finally it was her turn to see the horse she had come to visit. She has adopted two other horses from us and now has decided to add a new family member. We are so happy that Prelude has found such a wonderful mommy.

Meanwhile, April and Larry were out being extremely helpful once again. It’s always great when they are out, they always dig in and get things done.

Another previous adopter came out today to meet the horses and maybe bring a new family member or two into her home. She promptly fell in love with Susie. This made us very excited as Susie has come a very long way from the emaciated filly she was when she came to us last year. She is now looking great, full of life, and ready to start her new adventure.

But, Jamie needed a horse she could ride too. Rambo caught her eye, and then her heart, and in the end she has decided to give Rambo a great home too. Now she will have two white Arab’s that she has adopted from us.

After all the visitors had gone, Tawnee loaded up Nook and Brandy so they could head over to a foster home so they can have a vacation. They were all wide eyed and curious about their adventure.

Sure enough, they thought they were in heaven. They will definitely have fun wandering the green hillsides for a time.

Today was such a busy day, we know you are all wanting to hear about our Nebraska experiences, but we unfortunately cannot fit everything into one day. Our volunteer, who went out with us on Wednesday and stayed after we left, arrived back today with chapped lips. Jason and Tawnee found some miracle lip cream on the way to the airport, and soon the volunteers lips were as good as new. It’s called Nivea, and if you’re loading horses in the hot Nebraska sun, it can bring your lips back into shape quickly and make them feel oh so much better.

9News has a video clip of the rescue that will keep you interested in the story until we have an extra 3 hours to sit down and write up the story. Maybe for Friday’s blog? It has our entire NorCal team in the video, we are all looking over the fence in our HSUS yellow shirts. Click here for the video.

We are all still pretty exhausted, but we would like to thank the people that donated $22 marked “Sleeping.” It definitly made us chuckle. We’re doing our best to catch up on our sleep, but still have a ways to go.

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