We always enjoy turning horses loose in the round pen and then watching them play around and roll in the sand. It is always neat to see horses enjoying life.

Midge is looking great these days, he’s gained a lot of weight and is looking terrific.

And, the hill continues to put up a fight. One of the visitors today didn’t‘ make it up the hill, and got stuck. We are working on a solution to this problem. It’s practically becoming a daily routine, towing people up the hill.

To lighten every one’s spirits Tawnee took the visitors (above) out to the dream facility to show them around. They were quite impressed with it as well. They gave us their best wishes and hope we can pull it off for the horses.

On the way back, Tawnee was fortunately not speeding along and stopped in plenty of time to avoid the obstacle in the middle of the road. Tawnee got out of the truck and evaluated the situation. A giant tree had fallen across the entire road. She’s thankful it didn’t fall on her as she drove by.
She is very glad that she was not pulling a trailer, because she had to drive over the bank, between the trees, around the barbed wire fences, and then back onto the road.

A short time after arriving back at the rescue a few horses needed to be loaded up to be delivered to their new homes. Suzie was a very good girl and loaded right into the trailer.

Prelude and Rambo were also loaded up after Suzie got in. 3 horses leaving to their new forever homes.

Tawnee left with some trepidation as she didn’t know if the road would be blocked or not. To her great joy, the tree was chopped up and pushed off the side of the road.

The first stop was Prelude’s home. The bay and the grey in the back are two mares that were adopted from NorCal previously. They were all excited to see the trailer pulling up, it probably brought back memories of when they came to their wonderful home.

Soon Prelude found herself eating grass in the herd. Now there are 2 bays and 2 greys. It’s really cute they are in pairs.

After Tawnee said “Goodbye” to Prelude she headed off to Suzie and Rambo’s new home. Suzie was greated with a pretty pink halter.

Soon Suzie was exploring her new home with her new Palamino friend. It’s kind of funny, because now this home has matching pairs as well. 2 Palamino’s and 2 grey’s. The grey in the foreground is Joey, he was adopted from us previously. It’s great to see him doing so well.

Some big boots were donated for the silent auction. They are size 13 Ariat lace up riding boots. If you have a size 13 foot, or know “big foot” come to the Skating for Horses day, and you may just end up with an awesome pair of boots.

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  1. Big Congrats on all of the new adoptions! How wonderful! I love how they have “pairs” of horses!! Yippee! Great News! I soo hope you get that new place…
    Thanks again for your wonderful work in the horse world!!

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