We finally had a minute to sit down and set up May’s fundraisers. The Euthanasia clinic was generously kicked off by a large donation by Kelly. It is currently at $833, with a goal of $2,500. The auction fund is currently at $143 out of a goal of $5,000 for the rescue and care of horses that are rescued at the livestock auction.

JT’s mommy came out today to take him home. She is so excited to take her little black bundle of joy home at last.

JT was a very well mannered boy and hopped right into the trailer. He is excited to see what his new adventures holds for him. We are missing the little guys at the rescue, William and Angelito left, and now JT. Fortunately Dottie and Macho Man are still here and are doing very well.

Once again the high speed Internet antenna needed some tweaking. The wind seems to knock it out of alignment over time and it just has to be repointed.

Volunteer Jaime has adopted Jack and is going to be giving him a great forever home. Soon his transportation will be arranged and his stall will be available for another rescued horse.

Adrian, who was being fostered, is now at her forever home as well. She is such an amazing looking horse, it is hard to think that just a few months ago she was skin and bones. Thanks so much for giving her such a good foster home Kim and Rico! And thanks to her new forever family for giving her such a great home.

For those of you who are asking about Prince. He is doing very well, we haven’t had an opportunity to visit him since we were sent off to Nebraska, but the vet office assures us that he is doing great. We can’t wait to go see the little guy again!

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