The May Auction fundraising is in full swing, the thermometer is currently at $170 out of a goal of $5,000. You can help us help horse.

Some potential adopters came out to see the horses today. She had Roy in adoption pending, and wanted to meet him. He was not what she was looking for, so she looked at the other available horses.

Next Tawnee brought Jake out and they seemed to have a blast together.

She has transferred her adoption hold to Jake. There is a suspicion he may have Cushings, so she generously donated the funds to have Cushings tests done. Once the result are known she will make her decision whether or not to adopt him.

April and Larry came out to help out, but managed to stay away from the camera. We’ll get you next time! Jaime came out today as well, and generously donated bags of feed, salt blocks, and…

…worked hard cleaning stalls. Literally removing the rubber mats and washing it down clean! Thanks for your extremely hard work.

As Jaime and Tawnee were cleaning in the tack room, they heard rain start to fall. Tawnee raced out, grabbed the tarp, and started covering the hay. And then the phone rang. Jaime grabbed the camera and took a picture of Tawnee on top the hay pile, with a tarp, talking on the phone. Now here’s the funny part. While doing the pictures for the blog, this picture scared Tawnee, with the bulging arm muscles.

But it’s not too much of a surprise, as her grandpa is this guy.
Wal-Mart generously donated another cart of feed, and Jason went out to pick it up. We can’t thank Wal-Mart enough for helping out our feed bill.

When Jason got back he continued the work on the jail. Yes, soon we will have a jail to lock volunteers in who don’t’ seem to be working hard enough. We’ll hand them a phone and say “Call up your friends to bail you out!”

Dancing Drum is doing great these days. Her leg is healing up beautifully and she is feeling great. She was turned out in the round pen and she decided to show off.

During her first run around the round pen she did a little crow hop.

On the next round it was more of a wild buck.

It’s definitely great to see her gain some weight, and have a spirit so full of life. She’s a beautiful girl who needs a home.

Once the hoodlum, Dancing Drum, was out of the round pen, it was time for the old men to head out for their afternoon dust bath. Pike and Jack took their time in the round pen a little more serious and enjoyed their dust bath in peace.

Don’t forget to read the blog this weekend, it’ll be all about the Nebraska trip. You won’t want to miss it!

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