The May Hay Days fundraiser marches on, due to the generosity of Lloyd and Lynn, and others, the fundraiser is at $1076. It is going to take a lot of green to fill it up, but we know we can count on you. Already over 7% there!

Lloyd and Lynn also generously donated to the auction fund, putting the fund at $1195. That is 48% there! We would like to thank everyone that donates, great or small, it really does add up. You can be a part in saving lives.

All the horses were moved off the neighbouring 20 acres. We will definitely miss letting the horses roam over it. They enjoy their 5 acres pen, which they had access to all along, but now they have to spend their days there.

We hadn’t seen Twiggy since the Nebraska rescue, Tawnee was worried that he had been lost in the storm, hit by a car, or maybe shot by a hunter. She was greatly relieved to see him sitting in the tack room doorway. He is such a cute guy and he always brightens our day. He doesn’t seem to spend nights at the rescue, he just comes when he feels like it.

Tawnee showed horses to some potential adopters today. It was a tossup between Midge and Athena, but in the end Athena won and they placed an adoption hold on her. Midge is still tugging at their heart strings though…

Jason headed out to get hay, and ran into rain storms half way there. Thankfully he took the stock trailer so the hay would be kept dry.

Once at the hay place, thankfully it was all under the barn so everyone (and the hay) stayed nice and dry while it got loaded up. This hay was only $6 a bale, if the horses like it, we’ll certainly buy more!

All loaded up and ready to head back to the rescue.

Jason arrived back at the rescue long after dark.

The E-News got worked on a lot today, and hopefully it goes out tomorrow, but you never know what tomorrow will bring.

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