First off, we all know you wanting an update on Phoenix, so he is first on the blog. The vet said she found him covered in shavings this morning, he had laid down for a good nights rest. He is no doubt basking in the comfort of his stall and remembers his plush race days. The days he took the stable hands for granted, the ones that would give him his meals, make sure he had good water, and groom him.

The vet took him out for a little walk. He certainly cannot just sit in a stall all the time.

He is still very weak, skinny, and his hair continues to fall out by the lightest touch.

He definitely enjoyed going out and getting a nibble of green grass, basking in the warm sunshine. The vet says his stomach is working good, and you can hear his gut noises working away just by standing outside his stall. Good going Phoenix, we are all rooting for you to pull through!
The May Hay Day fund got some more donations in today, it is currently at $1195. Please donate what you can to help us feed the rescued horses this summer!

The free euthanasia clinic is only $70 shy of being at $1,000. Surely someone will be generous enough to push it over the $1,000 mark by tomorrow’s blog!

For several years now we have debated amongst ourselves about having a public forum. Jason and Tawnee did not want to get bogged down in moderating a forum, as they already work between 12 and 16 hours a day for the rescue. Recently, however, a volunteer offered to moderate the forum if we would set it up, so we agreed. You should click here to visit the forum, get signed in, and at least say “Hi!”

Tawnee worked on the website today, and the old Available page has been replaced with a new available page. This is how it used to look.

And this is how it looks now. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know if you like the new look better or not! We are hoping that the bigger pictures will grab at heart strings…

Jason worked diligently on emails this morning after the outdoor chores were done. He got over 40 written. Then, after the computer work was done, he headed out to get some cleanup done. The tractor is going home soon, we are certainly going to miss it. So, the big pile of manure where the stalls are cleaned was moved to its final resting place.

It is really nice to have the pile of manure moved out of sight and out of mind. It just makes it all look cleaner. Volunteers piled the manure there when they are cleaning out the stalls, and we just don’t have the heart to tell the hard working volunteers they have to push it another 150′ up the hill with the wheel barrow.

And then a couple pens were cleaned out. With the rain they had gotten some surface mud, but it’s gone now.

Ranger got a little injury on his forehead today, so Tawnee spent a good deal of time tending to his minor surface wound. It should heal up just fine.

Since the hose was sitting in the sun, with nice warm water inside, Tawnee gave him a sheath cleaning as well. You can tell by his ears that he wasn’t too thrilled with the situation.

Gingles decided to explore the rescue and escaped out of his pen today. He found a spot of green lush grass and he enjoyed hanging out, eating away.

Soon Tawnee had him haltered and was leading him to the 5 acre pasture. She snapped this silhouette picture on the way.

The horses are enjoying the 5 acres. We had seeded it, and it really shows. They are wandering around through the green grass, eating a bit here, tasting it there. We were hoping to let the grass grow a little more before we put horses in there, but with the loss of the 20 acres next door it will have to do.

They are certainly enjoying the warm, dry weather. The two old guys in front, Pike and Jack, are enjoying it as well. Jack has been adopted and will be heading to his home soon, and Pike is in adoption pending. It will be sad to see them separated, but they are both going to homes that will give them the best care possible. It’s still sad when best friends have to say “Goodbye.”

Don’t forget to visit the forum, click here!

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  1. I Love the new set up for the adoption page…Really like it! And so happy to hear Phoenix is doing a little better…Poor thing!

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