First Phoenix’s update. The Vet sent us some more pics of Phoenix, she says “This is how he greets everyone.”
“It is amazing to see his bright eyes considering the state that he is in.”

“Everyone here loves him and takes him out to the grass on their breaks for short periods of sun time.” The vet says that he will most likely lose all of his hair except his mane and tail, no doubt he will be a very beautiful boy once his hair comes in.

The May auction rescue fund is currently at $1235. Almost half way there! 49% of the goal has been raised, together we can make it 100%!

After the morning chores were done Jason and Tawnee loaded up 4 horses into the trailer to go to the Gridley pasture.

Of course there had to be a flat tire involved. It’s actually the first one in awhile, surprising enough. No we haven’t just been hiding them from the blog, it has just been awhile.

Harry, Sweety Pie, Tabby, and Tweet are certainly enjoying the 10 acre irrigated pasture.

Passion was adopted today! Her adoptive mommy came out to meet her, they fell in love with each other, and transportation arrangements are being made. Passion’s adoptive mommy has adopted from us before, and the time was right to add a new family member.

When Jason got back he started working on a chore that needed to be done for a long time. The lattice has been sitting around waiting for someone to take the 30 minutes to get it up, and Jaosn finally had 30 minutes that he took to get it done. The tack room and the office now have pretty white lattice around their foundations.

About this time Tawnee headed off to the vet. Some horses needed to get checked out. Their appointments are for tomorrow, but it worked better in our schedule to take them out today.

Tawnee arrived safely at the vet, got the horses unloaded and into their pens, and headed back to the rescue.

The horses all settled in and are enjoying a nice supper at the vets.

Tawnee was just dying to see a face she hadn’t seen in awhile: Prince!

He’s getting to be a big boy now! He’s big enough to be born and is ready to come back to the rescue.

He loves running and playing. It is so wonderful to see him so healthy, full of life, and enjoying every minute of it.

He’s just so cute!
He finally grew into his head. When he was born his head seemed to be bigger than his body, but now he has a nice proportion.

He has a voracious appetite and is growing like a weed.

Back at the rescue, the fencing is coming along great. It is almost ready for the wire to be stretched tight.

The tack room looks so much better with the lattice underneath.

Tawnee cleaned stalls late into the evening, making sure everyone was happy.

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