No rescue story today, too much happened. Do enjoy reading the days events though!

First thing this morning the stock trailer had to be unloaded. 80 some bales later, Jason was done with that job.

3 horses and mule went to be retired at Home at Last. Boo-A had become great friends with Dancing Drum while at the rescue. Dancing Drum was on the sanctuary list, so we added her best friend too. Little Blue was heading to her adoptive home today as well.

A film documentary crew arrived at the rescue shortly after 8:00 this morning and began videoing the days events.

Roddy rode with Jason and Tawnee and did in truck interviews.

Our first stop was at the vet office to get some film shot of Honey getting her teethe floated.

Honey was a good girl and is quite the great looking movie star despite being sedated and woozy.

The film crew stood back and got some great shots we hope.

From there we went to Home at Last. Home at Last is a great horse sanctuary that we work with closely. We always love visiting their place and we especially appreciate the enthusiasm that Jim and Donna have for the well being of horses. We wanted them to share their perspective for the documentary, and they did great on film.

Tucker the Mule was quite intrigued by the camera, he is such the sweet loving guy.

Jim and Donna did an interview, told some stories, shared their thoughts and ideas, and overall really stood up for the horses.

The film crew was great and even sent one of them up the tree for a different perspective on the interview.

After filming at Home at Last we took Little Blue to her new home. It is so great that Little Blue has a forever home.

The film crew enjoyed filming the adoption of Little Blue.

Little Blue’s mommy donate some extremely beautifully decorated gourds for the skating party silent auction.

And then it was back to the vet. Jason and Tawnee were interviewed there, the film crew was running out of time and so they did the interview there.

Jason was the first one to get the spotlight, literally. They had a huge reflective thing they would hold that was more like a magnifying glass, and Jason felt like the ant.

Tawnee thought Jason was being a bit silly about the lighting, until it was her turn. She describes her eyes feeling as the same as when you go to the dentist, get your teethe cleaned, and they have the squeaky clean feeling. Instead of your teethe feeling shiny and slippery, that’s how her eyes felt.

The film crew headed off, they had a 10 hour drive to go to make it to a livestock auction tomorrow. We would like to thank Change for Balance for tackling such a huge project. They are making a documentary titled “Equine Destiny: Facing the Future of America’s Horses.” Click here to visit their website.

Midge’s feet were xrayed. We wanted to make sure he was doing OK. He was having a lot of foot problems during his previous adoption, and we wanted to make sure there was nothing permanently wrong with him. We are pleased to report that with more corrective shoeing and some rest, he will be fine.

Next Red got his xrays. Red has been very ouchy with his feet ever since he was surrendered into the rescue. His feet were very long when he was surrendered, and despite all the trims, he still had pain.

The xray revealed why: he has founder, navicular and side bone. There is only one thing that will end his pain and suffering: humane euthanasia. He is such a beautiful boy, it is so sad, but we know that allowing a horse to suffer is not humane. He’s had a good long life.

Prince turned 30 today! 30 days that is, which means, it was time to be born. Prince was born on April 8th, and now it’s May 8th, and he should have been born today. Now he is strong enough to come back to the rescue.

Everyone at the vet office was sad to see them go. But we are glad to have them back! They are also glad that he is doing well enough to head back to the rescue.

When he went to the vet it was a 1 person job to carry Prince, since he only weighed 30 lbs, now it is a 2 person job to carry him to the waiting trailer. He is strong enough to run around, play and kick, it’s just the easiest way to get a baby into the trailer.
Back at the rescue they were happy to get out of the trailer and into a nice stall.

Prince is just such a cute little guy!

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