They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we are going to mostly let the pictures do the speaking this blog. It was a huge auction rescue day, and 1 horse went to his forever home.

Moto Moto was loaded up to head to his new forever home before the auction. After he was in the trailer Tawnee and Jaime headed off towards the auction.

On the way, since we mentioned that we had not had many flat tires, Tawnee noticed pieces of tire flying off the trailer.

The tricky part was, pieces of the flat tire had actually ripped the wheel well into the tire.

With some heaving and hoing from Tawnee, the lug nuts were loosened.

Then Jaime took action on the wheel well and started whacking it back into place. Slowly it got bent away from the tire.

Then the spare tire was put on, the lugnuts were tightened, and off they went.

They finally arrived at Moto Moto’s new home. His adopter had to show off Smokey, who she had adopted previously. He is doing great and is a beautiful boy.

She is tickled pink to have Moto Moto as a permanent addition to her family.

Then it was off to the auction. Right away Tawnee and Jaime noticed there were a lot of horses and not a lot of buyers. There were 83 horses there today! A woman walked up to Tawnee and handed her a $500 check. She said “I read your blog every day, I wanted to meet you for mothers day.” Wow, thank you so much for your generosity Jan! As the bidding continued, more and more horses just kept coming in, and they were almost all going for $50-$100. We were planning on rescuing 8-10 horses, but the need was far too great. There were just not a lot of people wanting to buy horses. If a horse does not sell for $50 or more, it is passed out no sale. About 8 of the horses were $50 that we rescued today. By the end of the auction 26 horses were lucky enough to be heading to the rescue. Enjoy their pictures! More details will be coming soon on the available page.

Poor hocks.

Worse case of melanoma we have seen at the rescue.

The horses were taken out of their holding pens to a large holding pen to await transportation.

Soon the large holding pen was full. This was the view to the right…

…and the left. All horses that we we rescued today. Jaime fell in love with an older buckskin gelding, she says he is the perfect friend for Jack. Her place is all set up and ready for them, so they’ll be going home soon.

All the young horses were separated and loaded up. We wanted to make sure they made it in the first trip to the rescue.

They all hopped in the trailer like good li’ll horses.

Then some of the big ones.

Jaime and Tawnee headed to the rescue and arrived well after dark. No fun Mother Day’s parties for them. For them (both mother’s of small children) it was a day of changing tires and saving horses. There are still 2 more loads of horses at the auction to pick up to bring them back to safety at the rescue.

The horses were ready to be unloaded into waiting empty pens.

They were all put into holding pens to await daylight.

They enjoyed fresh clean water.

Then Jason fed them their supper (which, for many of them, may have been breakfast.)

They are all enjoying some nice yummy food.

26 horses owe their lives to your generosity! Thank you for saving their lives.

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  1. I hope to see you next time at the auction. I love what you are doing for the horses. I rescued a horse their about six years ago and now have love and time for one more.

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