First of all we got a great update from the vet attending Phoenix: “Phoenix is doing well. He greets me at the stall window now with his head out. The diarrhea is still coming but I started him on Biosponge to help a little. He also greatly appreciated his hind end bath and tail grooming session. “
” We were able to get out all the burs, foxtails, and diarrhea clumps along with the knots.”

“He looks pretty silly though with his nice tail in a braid and the rest of him looking, well, you know. He also got his feet cleaned and the foxtails out of his gums. ” We are so glad that Phoenix is getting the care he so deserves. He is so sad looking, but holds himself quite regally despite his condition.

The May Hay Day fund could certainly use some help! Even if you only have an extra $10, that can certainly help buy some hay. It is currently at $1,418.

The May Euthanasia Clinic is this Wednesday, we still have $1145 left to raise. Well over half way there.

First thing Jason and Tawnee went to town to get the tire fixed and do some errands. We would like to thank the anonymous person who came while we were gone and cleaned stalls. We appreciate the help, but due to liability issues we cannot have people wandering around the property while staff is not here. We are not open to visitors during the week except by appoint. But, smile, you were on video, and thanks for walking the wheelbarrow full of manure all the way to the far pile. Back in town during the errands, Les Schwab gave the call that the tire was ready, so Jason and Tawnee could head down to the auction yard to get some more of the rescued horses.

The big trailer was hooked back up. Jack and the buckskin that volunteer Jaime had fallen in love with, were loaded up to go to Jaime’s home to live forever.

They arrived at Jaime’s house, and the horses were so excited to be at their new home.

They love their stalls and settled right in as Jason and Tawnee were leaving.

They finally arrived at the auction yard. They backed up to the loading area, and to their horror they heard the altogether too familiar hissing sound of a flat tire. Yes, that is right, another flat tire. This time the tire had picked up a screw.

Jason got right to work changing the tire, and as he has almost as much experience as a Nascar pit crew, it was quickly done.

Tawnee grabbed a chair, sat back, and was tickled pink that she was not changing the tire this time.

The horses were patiently waited to be loaded up in the trailer. This horse a few years ago sold for $60,000. He’s an imported Warmblood and is truly a gorgeous boy. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The horses all loaded up with no problems and 9 were brought back to the rescue.

On the way back to the rescue, Jason and Tawnee’s were at the stoplight. The car beside them rolled down their window and the driver started pointing frantically. Jason rolled his window down and they both heard her yell very enthusiastically: “You’re Jason and Tawnee, I read your blog every day, I love you, you’re the bbbeeesssttttt!!” as she drove away. Thanks for cheering their spirits!

Back at the rescue, the horses were unloaded and settled into the holding pens for the night. They enjoyed a great supper, lots of good water and are waiting to see what new adventures tomorrow will bring. We still have 1 more load of horses to bring them all back.

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  1. Your flat tires heard you hadnt had one in awhile! AHHH!
    OMGOSH! That warmblood is GORGEOUS! Its crazy how people treat horses as DISPOSABLE!
    They are certainly recyclable!
    TTYL! Great job!

  2. So, I get a call last night on my way home from work. My sister is on the other end and bawling. “I’m sorry, but I’m having a dumb horse girl moment and I there isn’t anyone else I can call.” She proceeded to explain to me that she’d just seen Jason and Tawnee driving home the 9 horses they’d just picked up from the auction. She was so touched reading the blog yesterday it was a treat to get to see them in action.

    Fast forward to this afternoon and I get another phone call. “You have to check out the link I just sent you.” Sure enough she made it on the blog.

    She didn’t want me to tell you she cried. Hee hee. Anyway, if you do ever need a hand we live in Roseville and both ride and show horses locally. We’d be happy to figure out how to volunteer.

  3. You are going to need to start a “New Tire Fund” to help repair all these tires that keep going flat! That Warmblood is beautiful! I think that Denali needs a new boyfriend.

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