The May Hay Day received a few more donations today, it is currently at $1,499. Let’s all pull together and get some hay brought in for the rescued horses!

The auction horses are waiting patiently for their chance to be evaluated and adopted into forever homes. They are all doing fine and so far there is no sign of sickness among them. They will be on the available page as soon as we have some basic information on them and their intitial evaluation is done.

Bay Area Equestrian Network in association with Padma Video, LLC is producing some great video’s for horse lovers. The latest one they are working on is about options for horse owners facing the need to give up their beloved friend. The video is co-hosted by Jason, so Kathy came out today to film for a few hours.

Different horses, many different lines to be spoken into the camera.

A lot of film was shot and we are waiting anxiously for the video to be edited and released. You can see Bay Area Equestrian’s other video’s by clicking here.

Tawnee rode the big Warmblood, Cameron, today and he did get great. He will hopefully be adopted by the person who placed a hold on him. She has adopted from us before, and no doubt Cameron would enjoy living in Hawaii. A lot of the horses that were rescued at the auction are trained to ride, let us know if you are looking for a riding horse to add to your family. Many of the horses are in adoption pending, and will be adopted after their evaluation is completed. If you are interested in one of the horses, please contact us prior to putting a hold on it.

Jason and Tawnee headed down to Roseville to get the last load of horses. The trip is getting to be quite routine! Thankfully, no flat tires today.

The horses seemed pleased to see us, no doubt wondering where all their new friends have been going over the last couple days.

Down the alleyway they walked, and then loaded without incident into the trailer.

On the drive back, the sunset was so beautiful in the rearview mirror.

They pulled into the rescue right about sundown.

The last group of auction horses were unloaded, excited to be at the rescue.

They all are happily eating hay and drinking nice clean water. They can rest easy, knowing that we will do everything we can to insure they will never go through the horrors of a livestock auction again.

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