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Transportation arrangements were made for Jazzy, and Tawnee transported her to Ron and Claire’s, where she will be boarded until further arrangements are made.

The trip over to Ron and Claire’s was uneventful and she settled right in. Ron has been busy with his new job and Claire is a full time mom now. Congratulations! We appreciate them being able to take Jazzy since there are so many horses here at the rescue.

After Jazzy was moved, Tawnee headed out to the vet. Horses needed their examinations and Cameron needed his pre-adoption exam. First his vital signs were taken, a visual lameness check, etc.

Cameron’s feet were thoroughly checked out, everything was A-OK and soon his examination was over. X-Rays will be taken tomorrow just to make sure everything inside looks great before he ships out to Hawaii, but the visual inspection was great.

After his examination he enjoyed a nice bath. It’s definitely getting warmer and warmer with each passing day. He really enjoyed the cool water.

After Tawnee got back from the vet, Jason loaded up the tractor and took it back to its home. We cannot possibly thank Rico and Kim enough for letting us use it for so long, it has been a tremendous help, especially over the muddy winter. It was a lifesaver!

Jason arrived back at the rescue after midnight. There was lots of road construction going on that delayed his trip, but he did make it back safely.

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