The Grey Goose
Grey Goose, known as Mariah while at NorCal Equine Rescue, was rescued at a livestock auction in 2008. He was skinny and sad, looking quite hopeless.
After he was rescued and he had gained a little weight, he went to the vet for his examination. He checked out great, he just needed some more groceries.
About that time we were contacted by a very nice lady in Hawaii who said she was looking for a horse and wanted to adopt one from us. She came out and fell in love with Goose.

She signed the adoption papers, and then transportation arrangements had to be made. He went back to the vet for his health certificate, coggins, and all the other stuff needed to start his journey.

Among everything else he had done at the vet he got his teeth floated.

Finally the big day came, he was off on the next stage of his journey.

He headed down to the transporter that would take him across the ocean.

He was transported in a specially made transport container made just for horses.

He had his own comfortable stall.

Soon his voyage began.

On Valentines day, Goose was able to meet his dad who is serving in Iraq.

Goose is enjoying life in paradise, eating yummy grass and spending his days frolicking with his friends.

He is quite a different boy now, so full of life and joy.

Goose is receiving hunter / jumper training and soon we should have show pictures. We are so glad that Goose is doing so well and is truly happy. It’s so sad to think about what his future could have been if he had not been rescued at the livestock auction.

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  1. Goose forgot to take a personal groom with him. Maybe if Cameron goes to Hawaii too he won’t forget to take a personal groom.
    Lucky horses!

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