An update on Phoenix. Jason talked to the vet this evening and Phoenix is doing really well. It is so nice that he is pulling through. Modesto Bee did an article on Phoenix, and it is really good. Click here to read it, feel free to add a comment if you would like. It was one of the featured stories in the Sunday paper.

Honey and Prince are still both doing great. Today Prince got to explore Dottie and Macho Man’s pen. Dottie and Macho were turned loose and Prince was thoroughly amazed by his new surroundings. He is used to walking on flat ground, so it was a good change for him to find some hills to climb.

He was definitely putting on a cute show as he checked everything out.

Jaime was the first to arrive this morning, with bags of shavings. We just used up the last bag of shavings we had when she drove in.

Tractor Supply generously donated 6 bags of shavings, the ones Jaime brought out this morning. Thank you so much for your support Tractor Supply!

After the shavings were unloaded, Deb had arrived, as well as a new horse. She is a Paso mare, about 8 years old. She was in a bad situation, her rescuer brought her here in hopes we can find her a wonderful home.

Kate came out today to meet Priscilla, who she has in adoption pending. She also brought a huge bag of carrots along to sweeten up every ones day.

In the mare motel, the 4 emaciated horses got a good grooming and makeover today. It is a lot warmer here than where they are used to, so they no doubt enjoyed getting all that excess hair brushed off. The sad thing is, it just made them look even skinnier.

Jaime brought Popsicles for everyone. We doubt she had Macho Man in mind when she was buying them. He absolutely loved munching on them today! Dottie wasn’t too keen on it, but Macho Man couldn’t get enough.

Macho Man also enjoyed a picnic with Kate, as he gently took the chips from her hand. The little guy got spoiled today!

Everything was fine and well until Dottie came running over and took charge. She grabbed the chip bag and claimed it for her own. Kate jumped up to reclaim her chips and that was the end of the picnic.

Pike’s mommy came out today to take him home.

Pike seemed so interested while the adoption papers were signed, it was as if he knew his life was changing for the better. Poor Pike, his previous owner had been thrown in jail, and the owner called her brother to let him know “I’ve got some horses [Pike and Jack] out in a pen. I’m in jail now, so find someone to shoot them…” Her brother contacted us asking for help, so we brought them into our organization and now they both have forever homes. Thanks so much Carrie for opening your heart and home to Pike.

Meanwhile, Prince was taking a nice sunbath. He was tired out from the excitement of being in the new pen.

Deb and Kate were hanging out in the shade, it was over 100 degrees, so the shade sure was a good alternative to the blazing hot sun.

A lot of the horses were evaluated today and shown to potential adopters despite the heat. Many horses are now in adoption pending.

Kate also fell in love with Spike, and she now has two horses in adoption pending. As soon as her application is approved, she should be taking them home. She was approved to adopt from us previously, but it’s been over 6 months so her application must be redone.

And yes, Tawnee was out of uniform today. It was her 25th birthday, and she says she wasn’t going to wear no stinkin‘ uniform on her birthday. She was going to be as cool and comfortable as possible. At the end of the day Honey and Prince were put back into their large pen. It was neat seeing how much more confident Prince was about unlevel ground by the end of the day. He just gets cuter by the moment!

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