This morning while doing morning chores Tawnee brought the camera along. It is one of the delightful things about the rescue, seeing all the happy faces waiting for their breakfast.

Dottie and Macho Man wanted to get a carrot from the tack room. They are so cute, and their little faces always bring joy to everyone who meets them.

After the chores were done, the day got hectic. People started arriving to look at horses. We had an appointment at the vet in early afternoon, so Jason had to take over helping the people look at horses. It interrupted his email blitz, but in the end he got 99% caught up anyway, 75 emails were written by Jason today!

Neko was shown to a potential adopter, and they really seemed to bond. It was so wonderful watching them. The potential adopter laid her head on his forehead as she gently stroked his face. You could see the love and the bond that was developing.

About this time Tawnee was loading up Priscilla for her vet appointment.

Jason loaded up Lyla and Tehya. They were going to a foster home for rehabilitation and TLC.

On the way to the vet, Tawnee had to pull over not once, but twice for the giant house boats heading up to Lake Oroville. At least there is enough water in it to float the big boats, late last summer it was practically a mud puddle.

Another reason Tawnee was heading to the vet was because Phoenix was on his way! Sandy, a previous adopter, had volunteered to drive the many hours to bring Phoenix from Taylor vet to our vet. Thank you so much Sandy! Taylor Equine Hospital was truly wonderful to work with. The day we found out about Phoenix’s condition, we called them around 11:00 am asking if we could have a vet go examine Phoenix. At 1:00 Dr Kristin Fosnaugh was out there. At 5:00 pm she was back out there with a trailer to transport him back to the hospital where Phoenix has been since then. Thank you so much Taylor Equine Hospital for taking care of sweet Phoenix and for giving a 25% discount on his care! Click here to visit their website.

Phoenix arrived at the vet safely. When Tawnee arrived he was already settled into his new stall. He was nibbling on his food.

After Tawnee had taken a quick peek at Phoenix she unloaded Lyla and Tehya from our trailer and into Sandy’s trailer. She will be helping them get back to being fat and healthy once again.

We can’t thank Sandy enough for taking time out of her busy schedule to drive all over for us to get Phoenix up here, and then for fostering the two girls.

After Sandy had left Tawnee headed back to get better acquainted with Phoenix. He is so so so emaciated.

He is the skinniest horse that Dr Fosnaugh, Dr Weaver and Tawnee have ever seen alive.

His skin is shrink wrapped around his distinctly visible skeleton. He is, literally, a walking mummy.

Dr Fosnaugh believes he has gained about 75 lbs since he was rescued. Can you image Phoenix weighing 75 lbs less?

He is about 16 hands and Dr Weaver believes he is currently around 500 lbs underweight.

He is bright eyed, and seems thankful for being rescued. He is one of the sweetest horses, it is as if he knew that his life was spared and he wants to thank us, but he has no voice. So he looks at us with those big eyes as if saying “Thank you.”

Priscilla was patiently waiting for her pre-adoption exam. Sh
e is such a pretty girl, everyone that sees her just oogles over her. Their mouth drops open when Tawnee says she was at an auction 9 days ago and sold for $100, meat price.

Her pre-adoption exam went wonderful. Dr Weaver called her potential adopter, Kate, informing her of everything she saw during the examination. We got an email from Kate this evening that says: “I love your vet she is fantastic would love to meet her, I was very impressed.” We all here at the rescue love Dr Weaver too! She is awesome.

After Priscilla’s examination Tawnee visited Phoenix one last time for the day. He was standing comfortably in his stall taking in his surroundings. He has a long ways to go, but there is a lot of life left in this young horse.

Ever hear of a Sheriff being suspended and demoted for enforcing animal cruelty laws? Click here to read about it.

One of the donors to the silent auction for the Skating Party (June 24th, don’t forget!) emailed us, and told us that she will donate 20% of the purchase price for items bought on her website with the promo code Norcal. Click here to visit her website. Thank you so much Laura!

A big “Thank You!” to Constance, Bridget and Gail for donating today. Every donation really helps the rescued horses in our care. Click here to see your name (or your company name) here tomorrow!

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  1. If anyone wants to weigh in on the NC sheriff:

    Pender County Sheriff’s Department
    Phone: 910-259-1212
    Fax: 910-259-1509
    Address: 605 E. Fremont St
    PO Box 1449
    Burgaw, NC 28425

    Board of County Commissioners
    Phone: 910-259-1200
    Fax: 910-259-1402
    Address: 805 S Walker St.
    PO Box 5
    Burgaw, NC 28425

    Pender County Animal Control / Shelter

    3088 New Savannah Road
    burgaw, North Carolina 28425
    Phone: 910-259-1349
    Fax: 910-259-1347
    Email: ptjmpaye@aol.com

    It would be very bad precedent for there to be a chilling effect on law enforcement officers doing the right thing, especially in counties
    with apparently quite limited animal control resources: From animalshelter.org:
    “Pender County Animal Control is a small rural shelter that is located in a big county. Pender Co. is 900 sq. miles of country roads and beaches,”

    Please consider contacting one or more of these authorities with your point of view.

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