Before president Obama was president he said he would adopt a shelter dog “They are mutts just like me.”

Unfortunately, he broke the promise and accepted the gift of a rare exotic breed that no doubt came from a puppy mill at worst, or a “high class breeder” at best. Instead of adopting a dog from a shelter and saving thousands, if not millions, of lives by their example, they chose to promote puppy mills and mass produced dogs. Well, now that the damage is done, Bo needs a friend. Simon Cowell of American Idol fame has offered to buy all the food the dog will eat in its lifetime if the Obama’s rescue a dog from a shelter. You can help out by writing the Obama’s and encouraging them to make our house, the white house, a multi-doggie home. Read all about it by clicking here.
An adoption update. Brecc, the Tennessee Walker, is doing great! His family put a video of him on YouTube, Brecc racing a Paso. Click here to watch it.

The two skinny girls that went to be fostered yesterday arrived safely and are enjoying their new home. Thank you Sandy for taking such great care of them. Their foster mom says “Both horses seem to have settled in wonderfully well. Both got a good grooming and further ‘make-over’ this morning – manes shortened, hooves painted w/rainmaker, derma-gel on all of their ‘boo boos’, swat around eyes and a good wipe down with fly spray. Lyla & Tehya both really enjoy their carrots and horse cookies as well as their portions of hay three times a day.”

Animal Control came out to visit us today. Yesterday they had talked to Jason and made arrangements to bring out a couple horses that were abandoned. Then Jason promptly forgot about it. Today Tawnee was manning the phone’s and Animal Control called up to say they were on their way. Sure enough, they soon arrived and two beautiful horses were ready to get off the trailer.
They were abandoned in someone’s pasture, and then the owners of the pasture turned them loose on the road. Animal Control headed out to pick them up and take them to safety. After the required wait to see if the owner would turn up, they brought them here.

They definitely enjoyed rolling in the round pen for awhile before going to their temporary pen.

The lady who have a hold on Benji and Gage came out to visit them today. It as decided that Benji was not a good match, but Gage is still tugging at her heart strings.

They also donated a couple bales of hay, thank you so much! It’s something we sure use a lot of around here…

Shortly after they left, we got a phone call “Hi, I’ve got 5 bales of oat hay I would like to bring you.” It seemed to be the hay donation day. They came out and also brought apples and carrots for the horses, which of course Dottie and Macho Man laid claim to immediately.

Dottie headed off to roll in the sand. She looks like a round barrel with toothpicks her legs are so short.

After she was done rolling, she used the apples and carrots to transform herself into Dottie the super horse as she galloped around the round pen.

After Dottie was done, Prince and Honey were given use of the round pen. Prince didn’t roll, but he really enjoyed prancing around.

He is growing so fast and is becoming quite the handsome young horse. He really loves people and has no fear. He will walk right up to people and want you to play with him. He definitely got imprinted with all the handling he received from birth.

The visitors were getting ready to leave, so Jason and the lady unloaded the hay. She kept remarking that she had brought her trailer so Dottie and Macho Man could go home with her. Certainly not!

“AQHA Official Celebrates Pending Slaughter of Quarter Horses.” If that is as upsetting for you as it is for us, click here to read the artic
le. Unbelievable that the AQHA wants horses to be slaughtered so they can make more money registering new horses.

Debi, thank for your donation dedicated to your daughters: Amber & Ileia. And thank you Joyce D and Rebecca O for your generous donations today! It really helps out, especially with the feed bill of just hay being about $100 a day. Click here to donate, helping us help horses, and see your name here tomorrow!

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  1. One of their children has allergies and it limits choices. The dog was a gift from Ted Kennedy’s family. They did not buy it from a breeder it was a dog that had lost its first home and the breeder made people sign a contract to bring the dog back. This is a responsible breeder! This is not a designer dog it s a Portuguese Water Dog a pretty old breed . Chosen becaues it’s hair is hypo allergenic.
    The Obama family originally seemed to emphasize their desire for an adopted shelter dog, but made no firm commitments.[27] In the summer of 2008, Best Friends Animal Society, an animal welfare organization, gathered 50,000 signatures on a petition asking the family to adopt a shelter animal.[28]

    As Bo is a gift from the Kennedy family, he is not a shelter dog. Some dog experts such as Cesar Millan state that Bo could be considered part of a larger group known as rescue dogs, as he was unsuccessful in his first home, when plans for him to provide companionship to an older female dog went awry because he irritated the dog through attempts to suckle.[21][29] The Obamas have pledged to donate to the District of Columbia Humane Society to show their support for shelter dogs.[30]

    Some criticism has arisen from animal welfare supporters because Bo was not adopted from a shelter.[28] The Humane Society of the United States released a statement on their website thanking the Obamas “for taking in a second-chance dog,” but also encouraged the public to avoid going through breeders.

  2. I personally think Obama is a joke…and isnt going to be good for America…Our US past isnt perfect, but it is certainly going to get worse…Even telling us what to drive and how much to pay for it…blah!
    I cant believe AQHA! SOO SAD! Arent they supposed to be FOR HORSES? It really upsets me…I just cant imagine! I remember as a child dreaming about horses…and you know…I still do…I LOVE them…and have soo much passion for them…I KNOW…IM NOT THE ONLY one! And how could you LOVE horses…and feel that it is OK to let them go to slaughter? How is that LOVING? Slaughter isnt a way out! Stop the BAD BREEDING! Help educated new horse owners…train your foals…1 yo’s, 2yo’s to their training potential…EUTH. horses that cant be saved…BLAH! I could go on for hours:0(!
    Great job at the rescue…thanks to all for donating!! ((HUGS))

  3. While I think we are all disappointed that the Obama family did not select a rescue dog, I don’t think we should come down too harshly on them.

    You guys know how much extra work a rescue animal usually is and that they’re not suitable for everyone. Maybe it’s specific to my location but hypoallergenic breeds are not a dime a dozen around here and I have yet to see one in a shelter or rescue.

    I would be much more disappointed if the Obamas got a rescue dog and then had to give him up because he wasn’t a good match.

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