Today Tawnee was out and was able to stop by and see Redneck at his foster home. He is doing great and seems to be really happy there. We are so thankful that his foster family is taking such great care of him.

After visiting Redneck Tawnee had to stop at a store, and while she was walking up to the door, a stranger said to her “You sure have been busy haven’t you!” Tawnee nodded her head in agreement and continued on her way. Tawnee says it is strange running into people who know you so well, but you don’t know them at all.
From there Tawnee went to visit Phoenix at the vet. He is doing as well as can be expected. He is happy to greet people who walk by his stall. He sure has a long way to go, but he’ll get there.

To keep people from falling over in a dead faint when they see him, our vet has erected a plaque and had it laminated on his stall door. It says “Hi, I’m Phoenix. I’m a 7 year year old retired race horse who was mistreated by my previous owner. Thanks to NorCal Equine Rescue I am on the mend and getting all the food I can eat. I haven’t had good food like this for awhile, so it is a little rich and I get full really easy. I get hand grazed three times a day, I love green grass!”

One of the vet tech’s at the vet office gave him a bath today. He really enjoyed it. Of course he lost more hair, but he does have a little fuzz growing in to replace it, but he definitely looks strange. He likes to drink out of the hose.

Cameron was getting his final round of xrays when Tawnee was at the vets. He is such a good boy, he stood nice and still and is so great with his feet.

All the xrays have been passing with flying colors, including this rounds, so it looks like he will become a beach bum soon.

Dottie got to meet Dottie today. Some of you have asked if Dottie, the mini, is a dwarf. Yes she is, as is Macho Man. The little mini’s are not up for adoption, they are mascots and go on fundraisers. The new Dottie is available and needs a home. This mare had been rescued by some concerned people and rehabbed nicely. She was pretty much a bag of bones when she was rescued, but she is beautiful looking now.

She was too much horse, both in spirit and size, for her rescuer to want to keep, so she brought her to our adoption program today in hopes we can find her a loving home that can make a great match. She is trained to ride but needs an experienced rider.

Neko was adopted and left to his home today.

He loaded right up and was a very good boy. Neko is a smaller horse, but his new mommy is very petite so they look great together.

We received a few comments and emails, both positive and negative, about the “Bo Needs a Friend” campaign. We are a horse rescue, but we heard the pleas from many of the dog shelters out there. If the first family had adopted a dog, most likely people would be rushing out to adopt a rescued dog as well. The media and attention that would have been focused on dogs in shelters would have contributed greatly to reducing the euthanasia rate, and that is why we posted about the campaign. Anything that can be done to save lives should be done. We checked on Petfinder this evening, and currently there are about 9,352 dogs that are considered to be in the hypoallergenic family. Many of these dogs are no doubt purebreds that would have worked equally well as a family pet as a fashion statement dog. Such as the cute little dog below, Luci. She’s a cute little girl that needs a home! Click here to view her page.

An update on the Nebraska case our rescue team went out to help with. Mr Meduna was in court, he is facing 149 class 4 felony’s. Each one can give 5 years and/or $10,000 fine. That’s a lot to think about, more updates later no doubt as the court case drags on. Click here to read the article.

We would like to thank Charlotte A. and Jenny S. for your donations today! It really helps out, and our hay fund could really use some help. We still have $13,327 left to raise to reach our goal for the summer hay budget. Please remember that every dollar will help! Click here.

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  1. yeah! A nice early blog, I am always so happy for you when you get it done at a decent hour, hoping you can get some sleep or a little free time.

    That Dottie is a pretty girl, tempting, you now my love of a chunky, shiny mare…I am sure she’ll find of good home, summer is coming!

  2. It’s great that you seem to be getting recognized quite a bit these days. That means people are reading this blog, know how hard you work at what you do and appreciate you for it! Great job you guys!

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