Our current needs have been updated for June. The Euthanasia Clinic is starting with $1,200 for the June clinic. The auction fund is starting at $0 as all the funds were used in rescuing 26 horses. The Auction goal is $2,500.

The May Hay Days will continue into June. We have not yet gotten enough donations to purchase hay in the quantity we need to get it really cheap. Thanks to generous donations, it went over the $2,000 mark today! There is still a long ways to go, but it will get there with your help.

There were a lot of visitors that came out today. It was certainly a busy Sunday, despite being Memorial day weekend. Tawnee showed horses to potential adopters. Deb couldn’t make it out today, we all missed her greatly.

Another horse that came to the euthanasia clinic went to his forever home today. His previous owners were in a desperate situation, and he had to go. He was adoptable, so he came into our adoption program, and now has left for his new home. Jake is a really sweet boy and is greatly loved.

A horse was surrendered today. She is an Arab mare that her previous owner was no longer able to keep. They said that she is fine in the arena, but gets anxious out of an arena and she needs a more experienced rider.

The pallets where the shavings sit was empty after the stalls were cleaned this morning. Tawnee had a moment to sit down at the picnic table, looked down at the pallets wishing some shavings would be there, and what do you know, there some where! One of the visitors had brought out 5 bags of shavings. Thank you so much for your generosity!

One of the folks who came out today brought a goat stand and Mr T got his feet trimmed in the official way. He was a good boy, and it was definitely a surprise to have someone to offer to trim the goats hooves!

After the goat trimming was done, they loaded up their two new girls. Pearl and Georgia were good girls and got into the trailer without much fuss and were ready to head off to their new home.

Jason and Larry got busy screwing the roofing down on the supports for the new mare motel. Hopefully soon it will be tractored up into place and the new mare motel will be ready for residents.

Kate was here last Sunday and fell in love. Today she was here to take them home. Spike was happy to see his mom again. They cuddled right up for their adoption photo.

She also adopted Priscilla, but somehow she didn’t get a face shot for the adoption photo. Instead she got the happy tails picture instead.

Some folks came out today and groomed the horses. The poor skinny ones sure do love the attention they get.

Tawnee decided to make some tea, not normal tea, but alfalfa tea. She went down to the bales of hay, pulled a clump out, and boiled it up. Well, it tasted very alfalfay, and made your breath like the horses. No one was too keen or wild about it, so she decided to try it out on Dottie. Dottie absolutely loved it! She couldn’t get enough of it. No doubt Dottie will be begging for her alfalfa tea on a daily basis.

Finally the day settled down, the visitors all left, and the horses were able to sit back and relax.

We would like to thank Cindy M, Tina S, Tamra Y and Debra B for your generous donations! It is donations like yours that enable us to continue rescuing horses in need.

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  1. What happens is you dont get enough donations? Do you have limits on how many horses you rescue versus how high the resources ($$/donations) are? I am so happy that your organization was able to rescue 20+ horses this last time but what if your not able to come up with enough donations, do they go to other facilities? just curious

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