We have a lot of updates today.

Mr Watson’s adoptive family wrote us: “It’s been a while since you guys have seen Mr. Watson so I thought I’d send a photo. Yesterday my hubby and I went for a ride and the three handsome guys posed for a photo for me… “

Bailey also is living with Mr Watson: “Bailey is doing well. He’s had four rides now. The pic of me on him is from his first ride. Mr. Watson still needs a bit more weight but he is gaining steadily. I discovered that he has had some dressage training. I’m guessing he was trained to first or second level (he knows how to leg yield and extend the trot). He also has some arthritis. We got our shelter up just in time for the heat! The boys are enjoying it. We’re also installing a mister in it for them. We love them to pieces! Thanks again.”

Moto Moto’s adoptive family also sent an update: “I took Moto on his first extensive trail ride from Cal Expo to Old Sac where the Jazz Fest was going on. He handled all the bikes along the American bike trail, responds well to leg pressure to move off the trail as they came whizzing up from behind. Never kicked out at any of the horses. Some issues going under the busy freeway overpasses but who could blame him there. Once we hit Old Sac he handled the wooden planks of the walkway between the Delta King and the steam engine train which was going back/forth with Jazz Fest passengers. Hung out, there were mobs of people who would approach from behind or kids would just come running up to pet the “horsey” take photos, etc. My teacher mode went into effect warning kids & their parents alike, hey you don’t just run up to a horse especially from behind! Overall the ride was about 7 hours long. He sure loves to stop off at the river for a drink and wanted to go swimming but not with my new Aussie saddle buddy!!!”

And the last update is from Dakota Flash’s family: “Beauty (Dakota Flash) is doing great. We went for the health check on 5/7 and she received rave reviews. She was a very good girl. “
This morning one of our Board of Directors, Scott, was here so he helped with the morning chores. One of his hobbies is rock climbing, so it was no problem climbing right up the hay stack and throwing some off.

Ever wonder how to get down once you are up there? Just leap and hope you don’t break any bones!

Scott also did some trimming on some of the low hanging branches. Thanks for your help this morning Scott, it is always nice to have some extra hands to get the work done.

Some visitors came out to spend some time with the horses, and they definitely enjoyed spending some time with Honey and Prince.

While in the round pen, Prince got to experience something new: a halter. He wasn’t very keen on the idea, but something else distracted him, Honey rolling in the sand.

Prince decided to run over and give his mommy a bite in the back to help her get up. “Come on mom, don’t hang out on the ground!”

Then he stood there standing over her as if he was her superior. Poor Honey, sometimes she gets the bedraggled motherhood look. He is quite the rambunctious little guy.

But, Honey got up and all was well again. Tawnee attached the lead rope and it was time for his first lead lesson.

He was definitely a bit unsure of the situation.

With Mommy there to coach him along, he did great. It was a short lesson, but he is a quick learner.

Cocoa was adopted today! She has come a long way from the first day she came into the rescue, a sad bedraggled little horse. Now she is striking and beautiful. We would like to thank each person that has opened their hearts and homes to horses at the rescue, you have made an amazing difference to the horses lives.

Being Memorial day, it was nice to have an afternoon for the staff to take off. A rare treat indeed!

We would like to thank Jean S, Sonya Z, and Yvonne W for your donations today! Thank you very very much.

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  1. I love your daily blog updates; it keeps your cause in the fore front. I enjoy seeing the pix of the horses who have been adopted and have gotten a second chance on life. Thank you for your dedication and all the hard work you do to for the horses.

    Jo Kulwicki

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