Walmart donated a bunch of feed last Friday. Thank you so much for donating it!

After the grain Walmart donated was unloaded, we had 2 giant tubs full of nice yummy cracked corn for the horses and half a tub of sweet feed. We cannot possibly thank Walmart enough for the feed that they donate on a continual basis. It really helps out!

Some volunteers donated some various things the rescue needs this morning. A couple salt blocks and a big bag of feed. Thank you so much for bringing it out!
Tawnee’s eyes lit up when she saw the neigh-mobile coming down the hill. Neigh stands for “Need Equines In Good Hands.” The girls had been scouring the horse community for donations, and had brought a truck full of goodies out once again.

The girls also greatly enjoyed playing with Honey and her baby, Prince. Last time they were here they were able to feel Prince, still inside Honey, moving. It had brought huge smiles to their faces. This time, they got to play with the little guy, and that was even more fun.

Mid morning a big pickup came rolling down the hill with a tractor on the back.

Volunteer Larry’s brother and his son came out today to help get the roof on the new mare motel. There was an extended period of time where a lot of discussion got accomplished on the best possible way to get the roof on top of the panels.

A horse was surrendered into the rescue today. She is a 29 year old mare. She is trained to ride, and is currently seeking a retirement home. She is a real sweety! Please let us know if you are willing to open your heart and home to this sweet old girl.

After she was unloaded she enjoyed sweet feed and was soon settled in.

It was decided that it would be easier to put the roof panels up by hand, so that’s how it happened. With some heaving, grunting and hard work, it was coming together.
Finally one side was all done.

Buddy was adopted today! His adoptive mommy really loves him. He impressed us from the day we met him at the auction with his kind, sweet spirit. We wish him and his new mommy the best in their new adventure in life together.

Before loading Buddy, 75 lbs of carrots were unloaded so the horses here at the rescue could have a treat. Thank you guys so much for bringing them out! The horses really enjoy carrots.

The neigh girls visit was coming to a close, and so they started unloading their precious donations.

Soon they had it all unloaded. They had decorated their shirts with bright colors and cute sayings. We tried to get it with the camera, but their sayings are too hard to make out. Thank you neigh girls for doing such a great job and for getting the donated tack. Hopefully we will see you at the skating party!

Toby’s Golden Moonlight barn was almost completed by this time.

Meanwhile, in the other mare motel, some great volunteers where out making it sparkle. Belle was standing tied in breezeway, looking as if all the work had been done just for her.

We would like to thank the volunteers who moved wheel barrow after wheel barrow of manure around and put it in the big pile. We absolutely appreciate your hard work! It is so wonderful when volunteers come out and really pitch in.

About 40,000 fly predators were dispersed today. Hopefully all the baby flies will not survive to make it to flying adulthood. We already have a bunch of fly predators, but it was time to replenish the stock.

Some more visitors came out this afternoon look at the horses. They are looking for the perfect match to add to their family.

Belle was the first resident in the Toby’s Golden Moonlight mare motel. Becky enjoyed playing with Belle’s beautiful mane. It was great having Becky out again today, she claims she will be here next weekend… Hope to see you then!

Tawnee and Jaime got “stuck” in the office this evening working late into the night. Finally about 9:00 Jaime started getting homesick so she headed off, and after that Tawnee decided she too should head out of the office. A lot of office work got done!
Thank you Anna P, Wendy S, Cindy T and the United Way for donating! We really appreciate your financial support.

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  1. Just wanted to say THANKS for all the donations! WOW…You have a wonderful crew of horse people around you!
    I love Fly Preditors too! They are great!
    Oh, that 29 YO mare is a DOLL!!!!! and Belle! What a gorgeous lil thing!
    It was so nice of those girls to get donations and walmart for the feed…It makes me smile seeing that there are good people out there trying to save horses! You are all doing a wonderful job;0) ((HUGS))

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