Thanks to generous donations, the auction fund is at $720. The auction is only 13 days away, so please give what you can to help save lives! The horses are counting on you. Please help us help them. Many of you may not know that we have a forum. We have over 60 members so far, and we are hoping that you will join and post as well. It’s a great place to share stories, discuss the horses at the rescue, and chat with like minded horse lovers. If you have adopted a horse from us, please post a picture. Click here for the specific thread to post your picture on. Once there is a number of pictures up, we will make a poll for the best picture, and the winner will get a prize! If you haven’t adopted a horse from us, yet, there are still plenty of discussions to get involved with on the forum. Click here, sign up, and start sharing!

This morning after the chores were done Jason headed out to take Cameron to the transporter for his trip to Hawaii.

While at the vet picking up Cameron, Jason spent some time with Phoenix. He was enjoying his breakfast, but didn’t‘ mind the company one bit. He is starting to grow some hair out, and hopefully soon he can start packing on the weight. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for him! He still has a great appetite, food in front of him all the time, and is slowly making his way towards recovery.

Cameron stood politely while he was groomed up for the trip.

Then Jason made the long trip to the Hawaii transporter. The traffic was good and there were no major delays.

Finally Cameron arrived at Sheila Head’s Hawaiin Transport. It’s located in a beautiful area with plenty of green grass all around.

Cameron settled into his temporary pen comfortably. He has a huge adventure ahead of him while he makes his way across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii this week.

After Cameron was settled Jason headed to an auction. Sadly the horses were already sold by the time he got there, but he stopped anyway to scope it out. We are hoping we can start attending other auctions, it all depends on how adoptions go. The more auctions we can attend and keep the prices above meat price, the harder it will be on the killer buyers to make a living at horses expense.

Jason headed back to the rescue with an empty trailer. On the way an older lady was happy to see the NorCal truck so she blew a kiss at Jason.

Back at the rescue, 20 bags of donated shavings were being unloaded. We are so excited to get these bags of shavings, thank you so much Dan and Alyce for bringing them out!

It was a wonderful sight, seeing the horses having to peer over the shavings to see out of the mare motel.

Fed Ex arrived with two heavy boxes.

2,500 business cards and 2,500 brochures, along with a few NorCal Equine Rescue pens and hats. We are stocking up for the many events planned for this month. This is the first time we have ordered professionally manufactured brochures. Previously we would print them out on the color laser printer and then fold them with the paper folder machine. Professionally done they cost right about the same amount when we ordered this many.

For fun, if you have a minute, please visit the Bloggers Choice Awards and vote for NorCal Equine Rescue as the best animal or charity blog. Perhaps we could win? Click here! Getting lots of votes would no doubt make the late night blogging job that Jason and Tawnee do so faithfully every night more cheerful!

Many thanks to Lorrie R, Laura D, and Peg G for donating today! The horses thank you too!

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