Thank you all so much for your generous donations today! Pamela N, Bridget D, Gail G, Ann U, Denise B, Paula G, Cindy R, Lynda E, Sylvie H, Sara H, and Janet D all stepped up to the plate and donated money to help rescued horses in need today. We cannot thank you enough! Your donations were definitely showers of blessings. Now the auction fund is currently at $965, the hay fund is at $2,202 and the euthanasia clinic is at $1,300. Thank you all so much for your generosity and support.

We got a great update on Macie today. Macie was surrendered to us by Butte County Animal control. She has come quite a long ways from where she was at the rescue, and is doing very well and is quite the beautiful girl!

Macho Man had a big adventure today. It all started by making the giant leap up into the trailer.

Daisy was going to the vet to be checked out. She has gained some weight, but is having a little trouble so we wanted to make sure she is OK.

Daisy was unloaded at the vet and Tawnee was off again. She will be staying at the vet for a few days for evaluation and treatment.

Tawnee was headed to Home at Last. On the way to Home at Last a police car went flying by Tawnee, so she figured there must be a wreck up the road somewhere. The wreck ended up being just a few hundred feet from Home at Last’s driveway. Macho Man was just unloaded when…

A fire truck and an ambulance came flying down Home at Last’s driveway, trying to gain better access to the wreck that was over the hill from the road. But, the truck and trailer were blocking the way, so Tawnee had to jump in and back it up faster than she had ever backed anything up before. She is quite tickled pink with herself that she got it accomplished without hitting anything.

From where this picture is taken to the tiny dot in the middle that is the truck is how far Tawnee had to back up.

Was Macho Man going to live at Home at Last? No, he was not going to stay there, he was just hanging out temporarily.

Tawnee had been asked to help move some horses, one of them no one could get into a trailer. Jim and Donna gathered halters and lead ropes, and soon they were all off.

The emergency rigs were still working on the accident, apparently the car had been driving along and flew off the bank.

Tawnee had brought some panels with her, and she sure does love the panel brackets! They have been such a blessing.

The first horse was loaded easily, and then it was time for the trouble maker. The panel correl was set up, and soon it was getting smaller and smaller.

Finally she was in with her friend to be moved.

It was a simple matter to load the panels back up, and off they went.

They arrived back at Home at Last and unloaded the horses. By this time the car that had gone flying was hooked up to a tow truck and was being hauled away.

Tawnee loaded up Macho Man and they headed off to the next stop.

They arrived at Sally’s, the bare foot trimmer, and Macho Man hopped out, ready to see what was going to happen.

He was led into the barn, and he sure was wide eyed as he took his new surroundings in.
Macho Man should be going to the Horse Expo with us, and we wanted to make sure his feet were up to the job. He has had one surgery on one leg, which corrected the hoof problems, but the other hoof is still having issues.

Sally got right to work.

Soon she was casting the little hooves.

In the end Macho Man has 2 casted front hooves, and now he has more support when he walks around and is a lot more comfortable. Casting a hoof is a truly amazing and can really improve the quality of life for a horse. For more information on casting, go to http://www.equicast.us/. There is really a lot of great information on that site!

Finally after dark, about 9:00 pm, Macho Man was done and ready to head back to the rescue.

It was a long, dark drive back to the rescue.

But Tawnee and Macho Man made it safely, and Macho Man is back in his stall ready for a good nights rest. The little guy sure had a big day today, no doubt he will be telling Dottie about it for days.

Once again, thank you for your support, it really makes a difference!

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