One of our camera’s died and refuses to work anymore, so as such we do not have any pictures from today’s happenings! Not a lot happened at the rescue, other than writing yesterdays blog, so you aren’t missing a whole lot. This is very frustrating, but now the camera we do have has a 2 year free replacement warranty.

Today we have a great update on a horse that was dumped at a livestock auction, starved, neglected, abused. Darby is seen below at the auction.

She was adopted into a great home, a repeat adopter, and now look at her! She is getting stronger, is most certainly loved, and is showing some great signs of doing oh so very well.

We also got a great update on Beau. He is doing great and his mommy is so thrilled with him. He is such a beautiful boy, and we are so glad to know he is loved.

A few days ago we talked about our forum where you can post pictures of adopted horses. Some people answered the call, and there are getting to be some beautiful pictures of horses that have been adopted from us. Keep posting those pictures adopters, you cannot know how enjoyable it is to see those beautiful horses on there. Click here to visit the adopted horses thread on the forum.

We have a new page up on our website, it is called “In the News” and is all about TV stations, newspapers, etc that have featured our rescue. Click here to check it out!

Change for Balance, the camera crew that were up awhile ago doing a documentary on horses and filmed the rescue of Phoenix, has released a teaser for the documentary named “Equine Destiny.” They posted it on Youtube, it has Phoenix in the video. Click here to check it out. It looks like it will be a real eye-opening video.

Now for the fun stuff! Jamie called us up so excited today. An anonymous rancher in the area has donated 5 tons of good quality hay. Thank you so much! That will definitely feed a lot of hungry horses here at the rescue.
Red Lyon has generously donated some rooms for the volunteers manning the Horse Expo booth. We are so pleased with this, this will make volunteering much easier. Red Lyon is a beautiful hotel within walking distance of the expo.

A certain entertainment company will be bringing out some neat things for the skating party. One of which is the dunk tank! The skating party is coming up soon, if you’re coming, please let us know, click here. Jason will be in the dunk tank for awhile, so, come get him wet if you can!

Best of all they will be bringing a 30′ inflatable slide. That sure does look like fun to us! Thank you so much Tamara for making this possible, we cannot thank you enough.

You may notice that our side menu bar has changed a bit recently. There are some new business’ that have been added in the friends section. First of all we would like a minute to thank Bandit Blue for their continuous support. They are great supporters, and 7% of all sales from their website go to help care for the rescued horses. Click here to visit their website.

Ciao Bella has donated some items for the silent auction, and has now generously offered to donate 20% of online sales when the promo code “NorCal” is used.

Yes, we have spent a little bit of time working on Facebook. Click here to visit our Facebook page and become our friend.

And we also have a twitter page, from time to time we’ll post a tweet! Click here to visit our twitter profile.

We would like to thank Barbara for your donation today! We really appreciate all of your support, it is a vital part of horse rescue.

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