Thanks to generous donations over the weekend, the auction fund is currently at $1,120. The auction is only 7 days away and we need your help! Please help out how you can to help save lives at the auction. Click here.

Button is doing great these days and is truly adorable. Every day we when we interact with her she grows more friendly and less fearful of people. It is really wonderful to see her blossoming.

The little Paso is also doing well. She doesn’t like being caught, but she is getting better and better at it. Once she is caught she is halter trained, but still a bit leery of people.

Volunteers April and Larry came out for the day first thing this morning. They gave Sadie a bath and she really enjoyed it. She is filling out so nicely and gaining her weight incredibly well.

Tawnee got to work harrowing the round pen. It’s always nice to keep the sand turned up for extra soft footing for the horses.

After her bath, Sadie enjoyed playing in the round pen.

As you may remember, Sadie was seized by Plumas County and turned over to NorCal for care. She looks so different now, so much healthier, has weight on, and is just looking better. This is how she looked when she was rescued.

It is one of the most rewarding things, seeing a horse that was on deaths door recover and start to feel good once again. On her own, Sadie just took off running around the round pen. She was the first to make tracks in the freshly harrowed round pen.

She put on a pretty good show!

Look at her leap for joy.

Then it was time to look for a good spot to roll in the sand.

She found that special place and down she went.

While Sadie was rolling in the sand, Tilly was getting her bath. She was such a good girl about it, even with her face being washed. She even got her teethe washed, it looked like she was smiling!

She is definitely looking better these days as well.

This is Tilly when she was rescued at the same time Sadie was.

Less than a month later, Tilly is looking so much better and really enjoying life once again.

Of course she too had to take a roll after her bath.

The office was a buzz today. There is a tiny clock ticking very fast and soon NorCal will be at the Western States Horse expo. It’s only a few days away, setup is on Thursday!

We are all very excited about being at the event, and we hope to see you there.

We are in Building B, booth 2002, right across the aisle from Tommy Garland’s booth.

We had our first ever picnic today, and almost everyone who is directly involved in the Skating for Horses events were there. It was a lot of fun, and the details were worked out for the Skating Party. If you are interested in participating and being a volunteer, please contact us. We have a lot of jobs that need to be done!

It was nice sitting back and being able to discuss the upcoming event. Tawnee put the skating party in June thinking it would be a slow month and nothing would be happening. Then we got a booth at the Expo, and the month has just gotten more hectic since then.

After the picnic Charlotte got some new pictures taken of her. We hope to have them up on the website soon. She is really a beautiful girl.

And there was an adoption today! Redneck, who has been fostered, was adopted by his foster home today. Thank you guys so much for giving him such a loving home.

You couldn’t have found a happier girl anywhere than when she was presented with adoption papers for Redneck by her grandmother. Just look at that smile!

Some more items were donated today for upcoming events.

While Jason worked feverishly away getting posters designed and emailed off to the printer, Tawnee worked on getting all the pictures ready for the blog. If you ever wondered what her workspace looked like, here it is.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated over the weekend: Yvonne P. – Patricia F -Teresa L. – Blue Horse Design – Pamela M. – Bandit Blue – Lari K. – Suzanne F. – Carla G. – Donna A. Thank you so much for your generosity! Please remember the auction fund, click here if you can help.

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  1. This website is awsome and these people are so awsome for taking in horses and nursing them back to health. that is the most awsome thing in the world and onlythe most awsome person would risk thier time to save horses and put bad people in tha bad place were they belong.

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