Only $712 left to go for the June auction rescue! Thank you all so much for your generous donations today. We cannot thank you enough for giving the gift of love.

A potential adopter came out today. She spent a lot of time with Mr Ed, and shortly thereafter she fell in love with him. It is always so exciting when qualified people are willing to adopt a project horse and give them the training they need. At the animal shelter everyone wants the puppies, at the horse rescue everyone wants well broke trained to ride horses. There are not enough people that are willing to put in the time it takes to train a horse to ride, but we are so thankful that it looks like Mr Ed has found his new mommy!

She also brought two bags of Equine Senior! Thank you so much, it sure is something we use a lot of.

Then, she just couldn’t get enough of the horses, so she volunteered to clean the stalls. She also signed up to volunteer at the Expo booth!

Remember Pastor Larry’s offer to perform weddings at the rescue? We are one step closer! Some newly weds stopped by on their honeymoon to visit the rescue. We never thought that the rescue would be a hot honeymoon destination of romance, but today it was.

It’s been two months today since Prince was born. Look at that little guy jump for glee! The honeymooner’s really enjoyed watching Honey and Prince. Honey just wanted to roll and be lazy, butPrince was in the running mood.

When Honey was done with her roll, Prince came running up full speed and banged into his mommy’s face. You could just see Honey’s expression “Ouch, that’s my eye!” No damage was done and she just chalked it off as being one of the joys of motherhood.

Their visit was cut short however by a semi-emergency rescue. They got to follow Tawnee and watch the rescue, which really made their day extra thrilling.

There was a little mini-donkey, not even 2 months old yet, who’s owners were unable to care for his medical needs and considering euthanasia.

The poor little guy had received an injury to his eye. They had the vet out today, and the prognosis was not good. They couldn’t afford the help he so desperately needed. They called us up to ask us if we would take him, and of course we said “Yes” not knowing where the money would come from, but the little guy isn’t even 2 months old!

They also surrendered the baby’s miniature mom, Martha, as well. They donated what money they could to help care for the baby. They sorrowfully said “Goodbye.” The honeymooner’s definitely enjoyed a hands on rescue and she helped load the donkey’s while her husband took pictures. Susan runs a domesticated rabbit rescue so it was quite appropriate having long ears to rescue. You can check out their website, click here.

At the vet, the little guy, who is named Eeyore, was given the immediate medical treatment he needs. The vet expects that Eeyore’s vet bill will be around $500, maybe a bit more.
There is an equine eye specialist coming to our vet on Thursday, he will be taking a look at Eeyore’s eye then. He will be receiving pain medication until Thursday when the final decision will be made. We are hoping that his eye will not have to be removed, but it may be the only way to alleviate his suffering. We are glad that euthanasia has been ruled out!

Tawnee and Kayla led them over to their temporary home at the vet office.

They both settled in and enjoyed a nice meal together.

The honeymooners visited Phoenix, notice their incredibly awesome shirts! They definitely had the spirit of saving horses today!

Phoenix is doing well, but he is still extremely emaciated. It is hard to tell that he is doing better and gaining weight, because there is so much to fill in.

These two pictures should help you visualize his weight gain. This is when he was rescued.

And this is today. Notice how the sides of his hips have some flesh on them. Progress is slow, but his will to live is huge and he is on the road to recovery. It has been just over a month now, and there is some definite progress. His diarrhea is almost completely under control and he should really start packing on the weight once he can absorb what he eats.

He has a good appetite and his eyes are bright and cheerful.

Tawnee loaded up Daisy, the vet gave her the OK to come back to the rescue. She stopped at
the Post Office to get the mail, and some more wonderful items came for the silent auction. Kabbo Unique Jewelry donated some more beautiful pieces for the auction. Thank you so much!

While Tawnee was driving back to the rescue from the vets, this cute little guy, Li’ll Red, was being surrendered. His owners recently purchased him and realized they cannot provide the proper care the little guy needs. They were doing a wonderful job of rehabbing him and helping him along on his path to complete recovery.

Tawnee finally got back and Li’ll Red’s previous owners explained to Tawnee that he has been rubbing himself raw on his tail. The sun was setting as they said “Goodbye” to Li’ll Red and headed home.

It was a beautiful sunset at the rescue, all the horses are settled down to await the rising sun in a few hours.

Thank you so much for your donations today! Laurie T. – Kathleen T. – Becky W. – Leslie C. – Natalie K. – Jennifer B. – Kelly Y. – Dawn K. – Kathleen B. – Jennifer B. – Michelle K. – Mary F. – Marisa E. – Susan S all donated today, it is greatly appreciated! Our monthly fundraisers are drawing to a close, please donate what you can to fill them to the top!

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