We have some very exciting news to share first thing. The showers of blessings fell upon the rescue today! A lady called this morning and offered to cover all of Eeyore’s vet bills. Thank you so much Sarah! And then some very generous people pledged to donate generously to save lives, and with all the other generous people who have donated, the auction fund has surpassed its goal for $2500 for the rescue and care of auction horses, and is at $3,298! Thank you each and every one that donated, your gifts of love are quite simply overwhelming. You know how our auction rescues can go, you can plan on saving “just 9 or 10” and it ends up being 26 like last month. When you see their faces, look into their eyes, and then watch the killer buyers bidding on them, it is almost impossible to say “No, you do not get to live.”

The first priority for the day was making Li’ll Red more comfortable and feel welcomed. He sure is a cute little guy, he stands at only 34″.

Tawnee gently cleaned and treated his rubbing spots with special ointments.

Then she wrapped his tail with cotton, then with vet wrap. We are hoping that the ointments and treatment will help prevent him rubbing. This no doubt started from worms, which he scratched into a raw blistering sore, which has been irritated ever since. Hopefully it can get straightened up and he will feel great!

We would like to thank everyone again who has been bringing bagged feed out to the rescue. It is really appreciated, and the horses really enjoy it. It’s nice to have so many options in the feed room!

Jason aired up the tire in the flatbed and made sure they were good to go.

And the it was off. To where? That’s a secret.

After many hours (minutes maybe?) Jason was back with 80 bales of donated alfalfa hay. We cannot thank the anonymous donor, she (he?) does not want to be identified. But, thank you if you happen to read this, you know who you are! The horses will certainly love the hay!

It’s nice to have another stack of hay waiting to be fed to the hungry horses.

Jim and Donna of Home at Last came to the rescue today. They offered to bring Skippy Two Socks into their sanctuary. It’s always dangerous bringing a horse trailer to the rescue, and they fell in love with Cash as well! We are so excited that Cash will be able to have sanctuary too. It is really hard to find a home for older, arthritic horses, but he will have the best of homes at Home at Last.

They posed for a quick picture before the horses were loaded. It’s a great picture of Jim and Donna, but the horses wanted to get to their forever home without delay!

Soon they were in the trailer and ready to head off. Home at Last has a wonderful website now, click here to check it out. They are a wonderful couple who are extremely dedicated to the horses.

Then, they were off. Yes their truck looks familiar, but their trailer is a whole lot nicer. It’s amazing to think that Jason and Tawnee’s little 4 horse trailer is only 3 years old. As Kayla the vet technician stated, it’s been well used.

After everything settled down Tawnee started taking pictures of the latest donated items for the Skating Party.

For some of the things, Tawnee needed a little help, so Justin (3 years old) pitched in and helped out. He did a great job making sure his hands were under the sheet and out of the way. Tawnee is planning on having all of the items up on the website soon.

Thank you so much for your donations today: Molly K. – Sue K. – Charlotte A. – Lee E. – Bridget D. – Gail G. Lloyd & Lynn W. – Sara H. all stepped up to the plate and donated today. Thank you guys so incredibly much! Your donations really do make the difference.

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  1. I don’t know if there is a way to take a bit of the donated auction money and get a CD or something that will keep rolling over so eventually there will be money always there. Like start with $500 and keep rolling the intrest back in so that in 5 or 10 years there will be money there if the donates are under the goal for the month. A good goal would be to make the interest pay for the auction.
    It’d be good to do that for the feed and euth. ones also, but start with one and see what happens.

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