A wonderful update about Clay came today. He is doing absolutely wonderful. They spend a lot of time in the round pen together. Clay adopted his mommy when she first came out to the rescue. No one else could touch Clay, but she walked right up to him and started petting him. Click here for that blog entry.
This morning Tawnee headed out as soon as the chores were done. We had some bad news. We’ve been working with a sign company over a week now, trying to get banners and signs made up for the expo. Today they emailed the price quote and said turn-around would be 3-4 days after approval. We need it Thursday morning! Yikes!

Tawnee’s first stop was the Copy Center in Oroville. They said they couldn’t print off a vinyl banner, but they could do one on paper. At this point anything was better than nothing, so Tawnee agreed. The banner looked ok, but not the best of quality. Paper isn’t the best format for a banner at all.

Jason started making a flurry of phone calls to find someone that could possibly rush a vinyl banner out in 12 hours. Lattitudes was willing and able, so Tawnee rushed over there with the computer card that had the logo on it. Lattitudes is the place that did the lettering on the truck and trailer. They will have it ready for us by the time we need to leave tomorrow morning to set up at the Expo. This still left us with 5 posters that Lattitudes could not do in the time frame. Jason called Staples and they said they could have the signs printed within 5 hours. So Jason sent them an email with links to the poster board pictures that needed to be printed.

After everything was in order, Tawnee headed to Chico. On the way she stopped at the vet office to spend a little time with our equines there. Martha and Eeyore are doing well. Eeyore’s eye treatment continues while he waits for the eye specialist tomorrow. Hopefully his eye can be saved!

Then Tawnee visited Phoenix.

She took him out of his stall to groom him up and give him some loving. After grooming him she got to looking at his mane. It looked like his mane had been pulled some time back, it’s pretty much in a straight line. It makes us all wonder how long ago he was on the track.

Only he knows his whole story.

After the grooming session Tawnee took him out to eat grass. He definitly enjoys the sweet green yummy stuff.

Tawnee said Goodbye to Phoenix and headed up to Chico. First a quick stop to see Redneck, now renamed Blue Jeans, and his new mommy. They are doing great and are really cute together.

One of the main reasons Tawnee went to Chico was to visit Cal Skate for some final planning stages on site.

The miniature golf course really looks great. We are currently accepting hole sponsors from business’, if your business is interested in sponsoring a hole, it is only $95. This will give you 1 week of sponsorship at the hole, and will get your name printed in the advertisements and on the website.

So far our sponsors are GreenPro Distributing (click here) and…

…our good friends at Look Ahead Vet clinic. A volunteer signed up another sponsor this afternoon, but we do not have their information yet. Only 15 holes left to sponsor!

This green grassy spot is where the dunk tank and jail will be set up.

The batting cage looks like a lot of fun too!

Inside the
skating rink, Tawnee discussed with the owners about certain skating games, the music to be played, etc. It will be a great, fun event and we hope to see you all there!

After visiting Cal Skate, it was off to find sponsors and gift cards for the skating party. Dutch Bro’s offered to donate gift cards. Thank you so much!

Tawnee and volunteers headed around to lots and lots of different places. Most of the time they heard “The manager is not here right now.” But, Applebees manager was in, and they chose to donate a dinner for two. He said “Make sure you make it sound exciting” so… This is a very exciting donation, who wouldn’t want to eat at Applebees!?! A dinner for two, and you can only snag this great prize if you come to the skating party.

Tonya Paul Photography donated a sitting for photo’s, a value of $50. Thank you so much!

Tawnee arrived to Staples with a spring in her step knowing that everything would be in order. She walked inside and heard the terrible words: “We couldn’t access the links in the email. You guys need to email them to us as attachments.” A scurry of phone calls, emails were resent, and finally the documents are on the way. They too should be ready by 10:00 am in the morning, the same time the banner will be done. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything will turn out right, this last minute stuff is killing us.

Meanwhile back at the rescue Becky was out grooming Macho Man for his big adventure. Since Becky is the best doggy groomer in the west, it seemed quite fitting to assign her as Macho Man’s personal groomer, after all, there are dogs that are bigger than him.

Soon he sat there, clean as a whistle, but he sure didn’t look too thrilled about it.

We had some wonderful new items donated for the silent auction. The purse has a value of $238, the brown handbag $44 and the black $49. Thank you Karin so much! There are some really beautiful items. You can visit her website by clicking here.

Tawnee watched the last sunset she will get to see at the rescue for awhile. Tomorrow morning Jason and Tawnee are heading off to Cal Expo, they will be spending the night there, and will be back late Friday. Blog updates will hopefully continue as scheduled, but with a full schedule at the expo, they will probably be shorter than normal. Please be advised that this Sunday we will be closed to visitors! With a expo and an auction there will simply be no one here to show horses.

Thank you so much for your support today: William E., thank you for becoming a monthly sponsor, it really helps to have funds to count on! – Erin A. – Anonymous. – Lori R. – United Way – Marlene B on behalf of Cruiser. We really appreciate your financial support!

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