This blog is being written at the Red Lion motel in Sacramento. We cannot thank Red Lion enough for donating the room. We really appreciate it! Jason and Tawnee have to head to the expo in a few hours so the blog will have less text than normal.

First thing this morning Tawnee headed into town to get the signs and poster boards for the expo. Staples was just wrapping up when she got there.

The poster boards came out looking great!

Soon, Tawnee was off to the next stop.

Lattitudes was still working on the banner when Tawnee got there. We were just happy that it would be done in time!

Back at the rescue 19 bales of hay were donated this morning and brought out. Thank you so much Cathy!

Macho Man was ready to go, but he didn’t know where he was going! Tawnee told him it would be the biggest adventure yet.
Soon they were on their way. It was nice that everything was going smoothly and Jason and Tawnee were really on the road.

The first stop was at Celebrations to pick up the tables, chairs etc for the booth. Thanks for your generous discount.

Then it was on the road to the Expo.

After wandering around for awhile, they finally found the registration spot.

Next Macho Man was trying to find his stall. The only problem was, he wasn’t scheduled for a stall somehow.

While they were waiting, Maylene met up with them and showed off the awesome treasures she has been working on to raise funds for the horses. One is this very nice leather jacket. It really is a work of art.

She had also made buttons and baseball hats.

Finally the confusion was over and Macho had his stall.

Maylene and Jason loaded up the table and carried it into the building. Thankfully a forklift driver saw their plight and carried it for the half mile before the building.

Then the sorting organizing unpacking and setting up began.

In the end it’s a very attractive booth we believe. Don’t forget, building B, booth 2002. Come see us and say hi!

Then, it was off to get Macho Man a surprise for being such a good boy.

Mini tennies! When Sally was doing his feet she recommended Build a Bear for shoes for him. Sure enough, they fit great.

At first he was a bit bewildered.

But soon he got the idea and trotted all over the place. He looked like he was trotting on air!

After Macho was tucked in for the night, Jason and Tawnee checked into Red Lion.

It’s a nice room. It’s a wonderful sight when you’re so tired.

But first things first, the blog has to be done…

To those that donated today, thank
you so much for your donation, we are out of the office and will thank you by name when we get back.

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