This morning started bright and early for Jason and Tawnee and many other volunteers. They had to stop at Wal-Mart before the finishing touches were given to the booth.
Macho Man was happy to see them this morning. He had no idea how much he would be hugged and photographed today!

Soon his nice new tennies were on and he was ready to go for a walk.

The booth was set up and ready for visitors. Macho Man was happy to see what was going on.

Macho Man gave approval to the booth.

Most of the day Macho walked around giving people a lot of cheer. Maylene took one of the NorCal shirts and customized it to fit Macho Man. We then attached some horse buttons to it, and Macho Man walked around selling them to help save horses. Quite quickly we were completely sold out of buttons.

So many people were so happy to meet Macho.

Macho brought joy to all kinds of people. He was really great with disabled people in wheel chairs.

He is the perfect size where he could put his face right into their laps. Everyone loved Macho Man and everyone seemed to want a picture of him.

Kayla and Becky led Macho around for awhile.

It was really neet meeting new people and seeing previous adopters. Jason and Tawnee had to get back to the rescue to take care of things. They said “Goodbye” to volunteers Jaime, Becky, Marlene and Kayla. And they said a special “Goodbye” to Macho Man. He was a wonderful boy today and took everything in stride and really enjoyed meeting everyone.

Thanks to mobile technology, Jason and Tawnee were able to write the blog and get it published on the road. While the blog was being published, a car drove by honking the horn in excitment.
Have a great weekend everyone, and if you’re going to the Horse Expo, Building B booth 2002 is where you can find us! Look for updates on Sunday. It will be a big day with the expo and an auction rescue.

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  1. Being a huge fan of NorCal equine rescue I only wish I could be at the Convention to meet you guys. I am active online and promote you in every way that I possibly can.

    I originally found NorCal by rescuing an emaciated, older horse from Fallon horse auction in Nevada and looking for helpful information.

    Since you have extra auction funds this month- could you possibly come to the Fallon Auction?

    I was only able to afford the one rescue from the auction and have one horse here already that I bought before he could be sent there, along with my Appy. So I am out of space for more.

    I have to drive past the auction every time we go to town and my heart just breaks to see the horses in the pens. Northern Nevada has no rescues at all. I have been giving serious consideration to starting my own and have been putting a great deal of research into it.

    Also, I have put a page up on my site in response to AHA and AQHA’s recent nod to horse slaughter in the U.S.
    It is a signable page that is easy to print, email or download as a pdf. I named it The Declaration of Equine Rights.
    The site is at http://www.practicalrider.com/index.php

    The page is under Equine Rights Link – top bar.
    I hadn’t planned on opening the site to the public yet- so it still has the ‘index.php on the home page and is unfinished. But the Equine Rights page is complete.
    I did this to make it easy for AQHA and AHA members to let their associations know how they felt about horse slaughter.

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