Thank you so much! All of the funds have been raised for the euthanasia clinic. We cannot thank you enough for providing the means to give the horses that come to the clinic a loving and peaceful end.

We’ve discussed in the past whether to make the euthanasia clinics a low cost clinic or continue to keep them free. We received an email from a lady that confirmed that these clinics must stay free and must be available monthly. We hope you enjoy the email as much as we did. It is a sad email, but the euthanasia clinic has helped a lot of horses in a similar situation stay out of the slaughter pipeline and receive the last gift of love.

“I know a man, he is just an acquaintance, and he has horses. He told me about one of his horses who was an older mare, and Arabian I think and in her twenties. He apparently had her for years. She had some kind of problems in her reproductive track and he’d had her looked at by a vet. She was supposed to receive antibiotics twice a day for an infection but he was having a hard time following through with giving them to her. He is able bodied and he had the medication from the vet so I don’t know why he wasn’t following through. I’m afraid he just didn’t really care that much and didn’t want to be bothered. He said she has a lot of health issues and he told me he didn’t want her anymore and didn’t know what to do with her. He was willing and wanting to give her away to anyone that would take her.

“I told him about you guys and your organization. I told him his mare might be a good candidate for your free euthanasia clinic if her health issues were too severe, and that if he surrendered her to you she would be evaluated by a vet. If she had the potential for a good quality of life you would bring her into your rescue and eventually find her a new home. And if she was found to be too ill she would be humanely euthanized.

“He seemed very interested and asked me for your contact information, which I gave to him… three different times over the next couple of weeks. It occurred to me that he might be concerned about transportation and so I told him you often pick up horses for folks who can’t bring them. I also told him that I would be willing to bring her to you myself. He said that wouldn’t be necessary because he has a trailer and he would bring her to you. He assured me he was going to call you.

“Next time I saw him a couple weeks later he said he had given her away. I assumed that meant he found a good home. But tonight I saw him again and asked if he’d heard how she is doing now. He said he didn’t know and didn’t want to know what became of her. Turns out he’d given her to a man he named and was then surprised that I didn’t know of him. Apparently he’s a horse trader (or killer buyer?) and takes any horse. I was stunned and speechless!

“I can’t get her out of my mind. This would have been a couple months ago. I’m afraid she is long gone. I hope it’s over for her now. I can’t help but think of what she might have thought as she was trailered away from a home she’d had for years, sick with an infection, maybe in pain. And I just can’t understand why he made that choice for her. It would have cost him nothing, nothing at all! How could he have chosen fear, pain and suffering for her?! How could he have been so heartless when he had an alternative?!

“Thank you and God Bless you both for who you are and all that you do! You are making such a difference for so many horses. I look forward to reading your blog everyday, it’s full of hope and inspiration. I will include you in my prayers. I will also include the poor older mare who was so thoughtlessly tossed out. Who knows? maybe she ended up in a loving home where they are taking care of her and she is loved. But deep inside I have a feeling that isn’t the case.”

We would like to thank Barns by Harrahs for sponsoring a hole at the miniature golf course. The golf course is at the skating party, and you can get unlimited golf (and skating) for one low admission! Thank you Barns by Harrahs, click here to visit their website.

Jason headed into town to get many chores done, including depositing the cash that was donated at the Horse Expo. All told we raised right about $1,800 at the Expo! We would like to thank all the volunteers once again for making this possible. While in town Jason stopped by the vet office and visited Phoenix. Phoenix is really starting to put on the weight now, his tummy is filling out. His diarrhea has been gone for about a week now, and so hopefully he will be back to weight in just a few more months.

Jason also visited Eeyore and his mommy while he was there. The eye specialist reports that he believes Eeyore has some vision in his eye, he is not in pain from it, and it should heal up fine on its own. That is great news for the cute little guy! He will be able to come to the rescue soon.

Back at the rescue, Brighty was being unloaded. He is an off the track thoroughbred whose owner was no longer able to keep him.

He is a big boy and seems to be very well mannered and very sweet. His owner says that his rider needs to be soft and gentle with him as he does not do well at all with a heavy hand.

April and Larry stayed up until midnight last night doing a makeover on the little trailer. There were so many little things that needed welding, fixing, and repair. Thanks so much for getting it fixed up!

Lassie showed up in the mailbox today. A limited edition signed statue was donated for the silent auction at the skating party. Thank yo so much for sending it up Ruben! It is really an amazing statue.

Thank you Chris H. – Donna A. – Sara H. – Laura B. for donating today! We really appreciate your donatio

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