This morning Tawnee loaded up some horses that needed to visit the vet. There were three mares that needed to have pregnancy checks. Two had been running with stallions before being rescued, and the other one all the volunteers thought was pregnant.

Jason answered the phone all day, and enough people called that is about all he got done today.

It was also the euthanasia clinic day, so Tawnee spent the entire day at the vet office. Horses came to the clinic with so many problems. So many of them, like this poor mare, could barely walk. She had horribly calcification in her knees. It is so sad when their legs cannot hold them up any longer.

Another trailer pulled up, and out came a 12 year old Oldenburg mare, 17.2 hands tall. Her owners were no longer able to keep her. She had various problems off and on. It was an extremely emotional time, they had owned her since she was only a year old, but now they could no longer keep her. Tawnee told them that this mares time had not yet come, and that the vet would examine her.

After the examination, she got a nice bath to cool her off. Dr Weaver started making phone calls, and soon found someone who is very interested in her.

Once they are approved to adopt, she’ll be going to her new home! She’s definitely a big girl and makes the panels in the background look small.

Then it was time for the girls to get their pregnancy checks. Sugar was first up.

The ultrasound showed she is indeed pregnant. She is due sometime in January, poor baby, born in the middle of winter! This has changed Sugar’s status a bit, we will only be adopting her to someone who is qualified to help her through her pregnancy and a middle of winter birthing. We would prefer she has her baby at the vet to ensure no problems develop.

The volunteers all said that Hope looks pregnant, so it was her turn for the ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that there was no surprise hiding inside.

This little mare was rescued from the auction on Sunday. They said she had been running with a stud, the good news is there is no baby inside, unless it was just conceived within 15 days.

Horses kept coming to the clinic. Their owners loved them, but their bodies were failing and there was nothing else left to do but give them a peacful and loving ending.
This boy is blind in one eye, but other than that he seems to be just fine. He will be coming into our adoption program to hopefully find a forever home.

The progress that Pheonix is showing is truly exciting. It is very wonderful seeing his belly filling in, and little nooks and crannies getting filled in. For so long there the progress was almost imperceptible, but now a big change is starting to come over him.

Eeyore is preparing to come back to the rescue tomorrow. They are so cute together, such an adorable little pair. It is so nice knowing that Eeyore’s eye is doing so much better.

Martha enjoyed a nice ear massage. You could see it in her eyes, she was in bliss.

About this time the sun was beginning to go down and it was time to head back to the rescue.

The girls were loaded up in the trailer. The adoptable horses from the clinic should be coming back to the rescue tomorrow.

It was about dark time when the girls were unloaded from the trailer and tucked into their pens.
UPS came today and dropped off two boxes. Inside were some of the cutest stuffed rocking horses you have ever seen. They were donated to help raise funds, look for them at the skating party!

Thank you all for your support. It takes a lot of funds to make the rescue operate each day. Please remember us in your donation plans!

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  1. Wow. That mare is amazing!I hope she goes to a wonderful forever home! I wish it was mine.

    It is awesome that you give owners a way to give their horses a peaceful end with your clinics. It has to be hard to watch, but knowing that they no longer have to suffer, and that there are some you keep for adoption, is pretty amazing!!


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