We generally don’t encourage breeding, but Tawnee found a little critter that she wants to breed in abundance: spiders. At the vet there is a little spider that runs around catching flies. Quite the talent on display! We could definitely use some more of these little guys around here.

Today was the final day of the euthanasia clinic, the day to say goodbye. It’s always so hard and emotionally draining. Knowing that the horses suffering has ended, knowing that they are not experiencing pain with every step, knowing that they will never know the horrors of a slaughter house, makes it worth it.

While at the vet, Phoenix enjoyed a nice grooming. He stood like a perfect gentleman for his fly spray treatment. We would love to have him at the rescue, but at this point he still needs to be under the watchful eye of the vet staff.

On a brighter note, Eeyore and Martha were ready to come back to the rescue. Kayla and Eeyore stopped for a quick picture, then it was off to the trailer.

We are very excited on the progress Eeyore’s eye has made. It is looking so much better, and the ulcer is clearing up.

After Eeyore and Martha were loaded into the trailer, the horse that is blind in one eye was loaded up to come to the rescue in hopes we can find him a home. He truly is a beautiful boy, just please don’t hold it against him that he is missing an eye. His other one still works! What would have happened to horses like this guy if it was not for the euthanasia clinic? His owner, like many others who have brought horses to the clinic, had no where to turn, many of these horses have come out of the clinic as they are adoptable. Please consider opening your home to this sweet boy.
Soon everyone was loaded up and ready to head back after a long day at the vet.

Tawnee had to make a quick stop at Tractor Supply. The trailer was immediately mobbed by a swarm of people wanting to see the cute donkey’s and the horse. Tawnee passed out the business cards and told them to visit website.

Finally back at the rescue, “The Horse” (sorry we don’t know his name, it’s still on the paperwork at the Vet office) hopped right out of the trailer. He’s a good boy and settled right in.

The donkey’s got their first look at the rescue. Its’ definitely adorable watching those big ears as they look all around in amazement.

Thank you all for your support, both financially and emotionally, and today it was just emotionally. Emotional support is very important, but financial support is what makes the rescue operate day to day. Please consider making a general operating funds donation, click here.

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