We interrupt our normal rescue story to tell you today’s events. It seems that the rescue stories may rarely happen during the summer. Macho Man would like to tell you his story from today.

“First thing this morning, before the birds had finished singing, I woke up and found myself being groomed.

“I had no idea what was going on today, but I knew I was being asked to hop into the trailer. I never know where I am going or for how long I am going to be gone. It’s really hard to jump up into the trailer, if I was a normal sized horse, it would be a 4 foot jump!

“I couldn’t see much of the scenery, but there was plenty of yummy food in the trailer for me.

“It wasn’t very long and Tawnee was in the trailer with me putting shiny chemicals on me. She was really making me look good, I knew something important must be going on. She got my special shoes out too, I was really getting spiffed up!

“Then she led me across the street and up to a building. Now you have to understand, humans really have figured out living, they hang out in buildings that never seem to be too hot or too cold.

“There was cryptic writing on the side, I was told it said ‘KHSL-TV.’ TV, I’ve heard about that, it sounds pretty cool, was I really going to be on TV today?

“When I walked into the building I was immediately swarmed by employees. They all loved on me and gave me lots of hugs. I heard whispers about what if I went to the bathroom on the floor, but hey, I’m a good boy and didn’t have 1 accident!

“Next thing I know, I’m hanging out in the news studio. I must say, they really enjoy lights, they have a lot of them.

“A nice lady by the name of Megan asked Tawnee and Jason about the skating party while a funny red light that said ‘On Air’ was lit up like a Christmas tree. I snorted for their amusement off and on during the live news broadcast. It made the humans act funny. After the news was old news Megan posed with her boyfriend for some pictures with me.
“When I was just starting to have fun, I was led out the door and into the great outdoors once again. Oh well, maybe I’ll get to go back soon.

Tawnee led me through the parking lot towards the trailer.

“I stood there looking at that big jump for awhile. I sure wish they could get me a Mini-van with a ramp or wheel chair lift so I wouldn’t have to jump so high. Plus I could ride in air-conditioned comfort! Come on guys, donate one for me, I love being out and about.

“Jason was nice enough to put me back in the pen with Dottie. It’s good to be home, it’s fun going places and doing fun things, but after awhile I just want to go home. It’s fun telling all the tales to Dottie, sometimes she believes me, usually not.”

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